Planning your next trip to Hoboken? Need a place to stay but don’t know where to look? Do not fear, we are here to share some tips and insight on the best hotels in and around Hoboken. Believe it or not, Hoboken only has one major hotel and that is the luxurious W Hoboken. For the right price, you can stay in the heart of downtown Hoboken minutes away from Washington Street and a PATH train away from Manhattan. If you are feeling like a boss you can even book the presidential sweet which include two king bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a living room space, dining area, all with a stunning panoramic view of Manhattan. The service at the W is second to none and the reviews will back that up. Whether you are staying for business, on a couple’s retreat, or just spending the night for fun, the W Hoboken would definitely keep you satisfied for the length of your stay. You need to pay to park at the W but there are times where you can find free street parking if you are lucky. If you are looking to stay a bit away from downtown for a little cheaper of a price you may want to check out the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel. Don’t let the cheaper price fool you into thinking this hotel is no good. The rooms are extremely nice, clean, and spacious. On top of that, the staff is always more than kind and they always look to help you out (upgrading rooms for free) if you rub them the right way! Their presidential suite at the Sheraton is very similar to the presidential suite at the W. Both are stacked with amenities however; the Sheraton only has 1 King bed and 1 Sofa Bed. The Sheraton may take the win for best view simply because the hotel is right on the water whereas the W is inland. Parking at the Sheraton is good as the lot always has spots available. Always be sure to cross check multiple travel sites before your stay because many times the hotel is not booked, and they are offering steals. Also, people could cancel rooms at any time opening availability. At that point the hotel just wants to fill the room again so there is a chance they will let it go for cheaper than before. Hopefully this information helps you make the best choice when figuring out where to stay on your next trip to Hoboken.