The Ugly Sweater Party

Tired of always getting the same old, boring gifts for the holidays? Well, switch it up and get your friends all Ugly Sweaters so you can join the fun with us. Every year one of our biggest parties of the year is our Ugly Sweater party. It’s a ton of fun where you and all your friends get to dress up and act silly. If you’re tired of doing the same ole’ thing every single holiday season, here’s your chance to do something totally different. 


Usually, some people reserve the holiday season for only close friends and family, but there are also plenty of opportunities to blow off steam. Washington st. is where you need be if you want some action during the holidays. You have to see Hoboken when all the party-goers in their Ugly Sweaters It’ll be just what you need to put a smile on your face. 


Our staff looks forward to the party every year and they always have so much fun when they get into the sweater action as well. You should see some of them that they’ve worn in the past, they’re outrageous to say the least. Also, a quick side note, but this is one of the top parties for Instagram pictures. The uglier the sweater, the better! 


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