Wonderland Brunch With DJ Encore

Wonderland Brunch         Everyone’s work week gets overwhelming. It’s easy to be burnt out when you work too hard. Take the time to relax with Madd Hatter at our Wonderland Brunch. Every Sunday, we give you the opportunity to wake up late and eat a delicious brunch with us. If you can’t make Read More

Wonderland Brunch

Wonderland Brunch  Waking up late is a Sunday habit enjoyed by most. Don’t worry about it; your day hasn’t gone to waste. Be comfortable sleeping in knowing that Madd Hatter offers a top-tier Alice in Wonderland themed Sunday brunch. We open at 11am sharp, and our goal every Sunday is to keep the vibes chill. Read More

Valentines Day Event

Fright Night Vibes     What is Fright Night? Know what to expect before walking into Madd Hatter. A Friday night spent partying on Valentine’s Day is a head-turning idea. Fright Night Vibes take an ordinary Friday and add a whole new spin. Comfort food on a Friday night is the name of the game. For Read More

Wonderland Brunch

Wonderland Brunch  What goes on at our Wonderland Brunch? Dive into an ethereal theme, and have a pleasant, quiet brunch in an otherworldly setting. A quick sitdown or an all-day hangout spot is in your future. At Madd Hatter, we promote a calm, comfortable Sunday Brunch. Join us at 11am, and you can stay with Read More

UFC Jon Jones Fight

UFC Jon Jones Jon Jones holds a title with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, earning it quickly after signing a deal with them. He specializes in mixed martial arts. Many consider him the best mixed martial artist in the world.   Jon Jones’s sports background tells all. Holding records in the light heavyweight class, Jon Jones Read More