Wonderland Brunch

Wonderland Brunch 

What goes on at our Wonderland Brunch? Dive into an ethereal theme, and have a pleasant, quiet brunch in an otherworldly setting. A quick sitdown or an all-day hangout spot is in your future. At Madd Hatter, we promote a calm, comfortable Sunday Brunch. Join us at 11am, and you can stay with us all day!


A popular all-time favorite theme is Alice in Wonderland. The Wonderland Brunch takes you down the rabbit hole.  A good brunch menu has a mixture of breakfast and lunch items. Choose between steak and eggs, omelettes, burgers, and more. We offer the best comfort food brunch recipes to enhance your late Sunday morning. 


Surround yourself with Wonderland decorations: mushrooms, kookie characters, and a Queen of Hearts. Make your Sunday brunch an escape from the hustle and bustle of a crowded city. Our atmosphere is elegant but not pompous; we want a relaxing environment for guests to enjoy a simple Sunday brunch.


We want you to have a comfortable spot to spend your Sunday morning. We decorate to fit the theme with looking glasses and lots of clocks. Visiting our restaurant puts a Wonderland theme on the rest of your week when you enter Madd Hatter, you truly step into Wonderland, forgetting all outside troubles at the door.