All That Glitter
New Year Eve 2024

The most awaited event is here. Celebrate this new year’s eve party at Madd Hatter and say goodbye to 2023.

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All That Glitter NYE 2024

New year’s eve parties are unique and the most awaited and celebrated event of the year as we are moving from one year to another, and that is a magical moment. The countdown starts, and everyone is celebrating. We forget all the worries and bad times of the last year and transition into the new year with great hopes and a positive mindset. That truly is a magical moment, and the beginning of the new year should be with great enthusiasm and fun. Madd Hatter brings “All that Glitter New Year’s Eve party 2024” in Hoboken. This year’s eve party will be one of a kind and the most fun event in Hoboken. Madd Hatter is famous for hosting successful and celebrated events throughout the year. So, here is the new year’s eve party.

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Madd Hatter is situated in Hoboken. People who live in New Jersey, New York, or Union City might be aware of Hoboken. Hoboken is a place that has stunning and attractive nightlife. Hoboken has party vibes in its air, as you will notice many top-rated and exceptional bars, pubs, and nightclubs spread across the city. Madd Hatter is one of the top-rated bars, restaurants,s and nightclubs in the heart of Hoboken. When nighttime starts, all the roads will point in only one direction: Madd Hatter. If you want to have a great dinner, like to party, or gather around with your friends, then Madd Hatter is your place. For those who still need to visit Hoboken, here is your chance to experience the Madness at Madd Hatter at this new year’s eve party.

This year's "All That Glitters"

This NYE party at Madd Hatter is going to be unique. People from different places will join us for the magical night that takes us from 2023 to 2024. Let’s celebrate this year’s eve party with great enthusiasm, food, and drinks. Madd Hatter is prepared to cater to a large audience for this party. Full dinner and dessert buffets will be served as the party start at 7 pm and the ball drops, so there will be time to have a delicious dinner. Madd Hatter will serve special drinks and a complimentary Champagne toast at midnight. There will be a DJ to extend the enjoyment limits and set the party’s vibes. The music will be Top 40, House, Hip-Hop, Mashups, and Open Format. There will be live Times Square midnight NYE countdown with the best party crowd you can find in Hoboken. This new year’s eve will be a complete package of fun, Madness, enjoyment, and surprises!


At Madd Hatter, we offer a wide range of delicious food, including appetizers and full course entrée. At the new year’s eve party, there will be dinner as the party starts at 7 pm and will go long till late at night so Madd Hatter will serve the food. To overcome your cravings, there will be a buffet for dinner, and desserts will be served afterward. So you can go fully prepared for the late-night party favors and drinks after that. The new year’s party will start with dinner, and later specials will come, finally taking us to the new year. If you plan to have a party, Madd Hatter is a perfect destination, as there will be a dinner buffet and all the party essentials you need.


Imagine what a moment that will be when everyone gathers at Madd Hatter and the crowd is fun and engaging. Everyone gathers for the final moment, where we serve a complimentary champagne toast at midnight, right at the moment we transit from 2023 to 2024. The crowd will have a champagne toast at the moment, bringing us all together so we can enter the new year with happiness and unity. This will be a special moment at the new year’s eve party, and Madd Hatter will have a complimentary champagne toast. Are you ready to celebrate this year’s eve party at Madd Hatter? Please reserve your spot and have a champagne toast with us at midnight.


As you all know, New York times square has the best countdown for NYE in the world. We will have a live times square countdown running at our long island bar, which has 75+ projected screens covering the complete bar. You can experience that countdown as we will have a live broadcast of that countdown which transitions us to the new year 2023, which is another remarkable thing you will experience at Madd Hatter. Be part of this magical moment at Madd Hatter in the heart of Hoboken! We will be virtually at New York times square with the crowd chanting the number of seconds left for the new year, and physically you will be at Madd Hatter in Hoboken with a champagne toast.

Live DJ all night long

A party without a DJ is incomplete; if it is a new year’s eve party, then music is a must. Keeping this in mind, we have arranged a top-class DJ. DJ Shant will be at Madd Hatter to accompany you through the new year’s eve celebration, and the music won’t stop till late at night. Music played will be Top 40, House, Hip Hop, Mashups, and Open format. Music, along with a drink, will set the mood for the party, and you all can forget everything and only focus on the music and the special night that takes us to a new phase of life. DJ Shant has already done successful and entertaining events at Madd Hatter, and the crowd loved it. This time again, DJ Shant will show his magic on new year’s eve like the past year, so make sure you are there to witness it!


Madd Hatter has another surprise for you, as we won’t leave you after the particular new year’s eve celebration. All the attendants will get complimentary admission to the New Year’s Day Brunch event on 1st January 2023. So, the festival can go on till the next day. Madd Hatter will be celebrating farewell to 2022 and welcoming to 2023 with a complimentary brunch. Are you excited?


Madd Hatter is a top-notch bar where delicious and full-course meals are served. Madd Hatter also hosts late-night and special events. It is located in Hoboken, which has impressive nightlife and party vibes. Although Hoboken’s nightlife is underrated, it has more bars per capita than New York.

Madd Hatter is situated on Washington Street in the city center of Hoboken. Madd Hatter offers a breathtaking view of New York city across the river, where the skyscrapers light up at night. Madd Hatter has a great venue, and people from nearby places visit Madd Hatter to have fun and a regular dose of Madness. Please find us on Google maps, where we have hundreds of 5-star ratings from our beloved guests.

Madd Hatter is a bar located in Hoboken and one of a kind, as I mentioned in the previous question about the venue and all. Now, let’s enter Madd Hatter, and let me tell you things that make us unique.

Madd Hatter is a full-fledged restaurant where we offer delicious foods of different varieties. You can plan a delightful lunch, brunch, or dinner at Madd Hatter, and we are sure your guests will fall in love with our food. For bonus points, we have a vast collection of beers and drinks. We have a wide range of 80+ beers and beverages. Finally, our seating, decorations, service, bartenders, DJ, lighting, and atmosphere everything is perfect to meet the expectations of our guests.

Madd Hatter is really excited and fully prepared for the new year’s eve party, which we call All that Glitters. This party will take us from 2023 to 2024. The party will be a great event where you can have fun, food, and drinks. We will serve the dinner buffet first starting from 7 Pm and later on you can have drinks and enjoy the music.

The countdown will begin at midnight and will be telecasted on our screens live from Times Square and will be accompanied by a complimentary champagne toast. Madd Hatter will be open till late hours for guests to fully enjoy the night and will also get complimentary entrance to our next-day brunch event on 1st January 2024.

Booking your tickets for the best new years eve party in Hoboken is pretty simple. All you need to do is click any of the buttons on the top. It will take you to Eventbrite, which will ask you for details, and once you are satisfied with your selection, proceed to the checkout and get your digital tickets. We recommend booking for your friends and family too, as the event will be much more fun with a gathering of your own.

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