Hoboken Halloween Events


Hoboken has amazing nightlife and it has more bars per capita than New York City. This makes Hoboken an ideal place to celebrate Halloween. If you are looking for a place to celebrate this year’s Halloween you are in for a treat because there are a lot of Halloween events taking place in Hoboken this year. These events will be attended by college students, locals, and tourists which means there will be a lot of fun. Hoboken Halloween this year is going to be amazing. There will be Halloween costume parties, weekend parties, and day & night parties throughout the month of October.

Hoboken has a lot of bars and event hosts but Madd Hatter is known for hosting one of the greatest Halloween parties. Madd Hatter is situated in an ideal place in Hoboken from where you get a mind-blowing view of New York city across the river and it gets more attractive at night. You are going to love the venue and if it’s your first time it’s not going to be the last. You don’t have to worry about the venue it is amazing, we are well-prepared for hosting this year’s Halloween events.

Madd Hatter also has special drinks to celebrate this spooky time of the year. You will not be disappointed after all. In fact, you will have a great time at Madd Hatter and will remember the time you spend here. You will find great people celebrating Halloween from different locations. We are already famous for hosting amusing parties but Halloween parties here are one of a kind and ones that you will remember.

Madd Hatter is hosting four events in October so whatever works best for you just join us with your friends and family. We are excited to see you. The tickets sell out quick so don’t think too much and grab your tickets now for this spooky season. Here are the details of all the events that are going to take place on Halloween weekend.

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Friday OCT 28TH




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Friday OCT 28TH

Nightmare On Washington Street

Madd Hatter is hosting Halloween events and the first one on the list is  “Nightmare on Washington Street” Weekend taking place on 28 October 2022. October is full of spooky and fun surprises so get ready for the Nightmare on Washington Street. Madd Hatter’s Nightmare on Washington Street is one the spookiest event of the year and you get access to a top-rated bar. If you were looking for a place that has great drinks, a spooky environment, and fun after all then Madd Hatter is your place.

Call it a pre-Halloween party and get spooky for the Nightmare on Washington Street. There is going to be a DJ and the music is not going to stop so you can vibe. Are you ready for the Nightmare on Washington Street? Just show up with your Halloween costumes and celebrate this year with us.

Madd Hatter is situated on Washington street and you get an amazing view of New York City across the river. Grab your tickets and invite your friends before it gets too spooky because the tickets sell out fast and people from different places come to attend the events at Madd Hatter Hoboken. So, book your spot right now what are you waiting for?



Heaven & Hell sounds spooky, right? Well, it is one of the spookiest events that happen in Hoboken, and on top of that Madd Hatter is hosting the event. So, it will be a night to remember. This event is going to take place on 29 October 2022 which is the closest weekend to Halloween where you can gather all your friends or family and have an amazing night.

Madd Hatter will be providing the best drinks and there will be a DJ who will be playing spooky music so leave that all on us. All you have to do is just grab your tickets and dress up in a spooky Halloween costume and be part of the Heaven or Hell Halloween party in Hoboken hosted by Madd Hatter.

Heaven & Hell Halloween party as the name suggests there is going to be fun and horror. Taking place on the Halloween weekend and you will witness the Halloween spirit. It is going to be a kickass Halloween party. Let’s gather around and get the party started.



Gather around fellas for another Halloween event we call it the Gate Night Halloween party because it will keep on for all day and night starting on 30 October 2022. Again it is hosted in the heart of Hoboken at Madd Hatter which is a venue that is famous for hosting most fun Halloween events.

Have entertainment all day and night starting on 30 October and will go on till 31 October. You will have access to top-rated drinks from Madd Hatter. Some of the special drinks will be white claws, tequila shots, mojitos, bud light drafts and you call it. It’s going to be a Halloween marathon and it’s going to get spooky. You will get a chance to show off your Halloween costume so pick up a good one.

Gate Night which will take you through this year’s Halloween, is going to be one of the spookiest and most fun events of October and will be the longest Hoboken Halloween party. Grab your tickets now and join us at the Gate Night Halloween Party. We dare you to cross the gate of spookiness to attend this Hoboken Halloween party. We warn you once you enter the Gate Night there is no going back.



The long-awaited Halloween party is here taking place on 31 October 2022 at Madd Hatter Hoboken. It will be a spooky night and there is going to be a Halloween costume contest where one of the participants can earn a prize of 500$. Get ready with your Halloween costumes cause you may be in for a treat. The final Halloween party that you don’t wanna miss out on is awaiting your presence.

Halloween Night Party will start at 5 pm and will go on till 2 am with loads of fun. You will have access to Madd Hatter’s special drinks. Some of the special drinks will be white claws, tequila shots, mojitos, bud light drafts and you call it. And the DJ will not let the music stop. Drink, music and entertainment will not stop at Hoboken’s Halloween night party.

Madd Hatter is the place to celebrate this year’s Halloween night with friends and family. So, grab your tickets quickly for this spooky Halloween Night Party. The final party and last chance to visit Hoboken’s nightlife. Are you going to let it pass?



For these Hoboken Halloween parties Madd Hatter is going to be open for longer hours and will be serving more guests. If you want to invite over your friends to Halloween weekend party you are more than welcome as we are already prepared. We are aiming to provide you with the best service and spooky environment so enjoy this year’s Halloween with us.

If you have never visited Hoboken this is your chance to experience Hoboken’s night life which is underrated. This may turn out to be your favorite party spot. Join us in these events, we warmly welcome you all at Madd Hatter the best party venue in Hoboken. Celebrate this year’s Halloween with us where everyone is welcomed as long as you want to have fun and get spooky.

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