Naughty or Nice Sexy Christmas party

Get ready for the Sexy Santa Christmas party at one and only Madd Hatter


Christmas is almost here and there are Christmas vibes all over. Madd Hatter brings you Sexy Santa Party aka “Naughty or Nice Event” where you can party and get on the track to celebrate a Christmas party. Sexy Santa Party as the name suggests will be a fun and unique party where people will dress up in sexy Santa costumes it is up to you to dress naughty or dress nice but it should be sexy. This Christmas party is going to take place on Saturday 17 December 2022 and will go on all day and night. Are you excited about Christmas? Join us at the sexiest Christmas party in Hoboken.


The sexy Santa Christmas party will go on all day and night on 17 December 2022. The party is on Saturday which will be a weekend and if you don’t have any other plans during your Christmas vacation we recommend joining us for the most awaited event of the year in Hoboken. At this sexy Christmas party, people will dress up in Santa costumes which is the theme of the party. Grab a sexy dress and join Madd Hatter for this sexy Christmas party.


The Madd Hatter has been hosting this event for a couple of years now and it has become one of our more popular December events. Sometimes people have never heard of anything like it, so the idea of Naughty or Nice is intriguing. It’s really fun to see what everyone is going to wear, especially since Hoboken has a reputation for the wildest things we’ve ever seen. All you need to do is book your reservation, grab a sexy dress and step into Madd Hatter where you will be served special drinks, food, a DJ, and a place where you can party without looking at the clock.

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The holidays for Christmas start soon and if you want to enjoy your time then think of it as a holiday warm-up party where can get a chance to visit Hoboken and Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter is famous for hosting the most unique and fun events throughout the year. This sexy Christmas party is something you will enjoy a lot because there will be people dressed up in sexy Santa costumes and see who dresses up in the most unique way.


We are sure this event will get you excited so we recommend booking your tickets as soon as possible. All you need to do is just click the button below and that will take you to a link where you can book your tickets for yourself and also for your friends as gifts for them if you would like to bring them with you. Hurry up! Grab your tickets for the Sexy Christmas party now!


Madd Hatter is a bar, restaurant, and nightclub where we offer special drinks and food. We host mind-blowing events throughout the year. At Madd Hatter, you can have a great time because we have everything you need to party hard. Our 80+ beer and drinks collection will be overwhelming. Feeling hungry? Our menu will fulfill your hunger which consists of appetizers and full-course entrees. Another thing that is special about Madd Hatter is that it is located on Washington Street in Hoboken which is the heart of Hoboken and you can see breathtaking views of New York City across the river. Hoboken has amazing nightlife but when there is darkness all the roads point toward Madd Hatter. We are excited to see you at our Holiday party.

Our theme for this party is to dress up in sexy Santa costumes. Which will bring Christmas vibes to the party. There will be girl and boys dressed up in sexy costumes and you will be amazed to watch everyone with party vibes. We call it a Naughty or Nice Christmas party as it depends if you want to dress naughty or nice for this price. However, you will have a lot of fun at this party despite what you choose to dress like as there will be drinks, food, and music all day and night long. We recommend bringing your friends and you can have a little dress competition!

The most awaited Sexy Christmas party will take place at Madd Hatter on Sat, 17 Dec 2022, which is a week before the Christmas party. Add this date to your list. The party will go on all day and night long. People will enjoy and have fun at this party as the music will be playing the time and drinks will be served. You can have fun at this sexy Christmas party without looking at the clock and being worried to go home. This party has been taking place for several years ago at Madd Hatter and is one of the most enjoyed events. Are you joining in or not?

Sexy Santa Party aka Naughty or Nice Party is approaching so please make sure to book your tickets for the event by clicking here. The process is simple and easy. After you open the link you will be taken to an Eventbrite page where you will see details and prices for the tickets. All you need to do is click get tickets and it will ask you for some information and then boom you will receive your tickets online. You can book for your friends and family and spend some quality time. This is going to be a great holiday party just like previous years and from past experience, the tickets sell out fast and prices may go up so make sure to book your spots in advance.

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