Midweek Fun: Join us for Karaoke Wednesdays at Madd Hatter in Hoboken

Madd Hatter is a popular sports bar located in Hoboken, known for its lively atmosphere and great events. Every Wednesday, the bar hosts one of its most popular events – Karaoke Wednesdays. This midweek break is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to unwind and have some fun after a long day at work. With a diverse selection of songs to choose from and a welcoming environment, Karaoke Wednesdays at Madd Hatter is the perfect place to showcase your singing talents or simply enjoy the show. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a first-time singer, Karaoke Wednesdays at Madd Hatter is an event you won’t want to miss. So come out and join us for an unforgettable night of music, laughter, and good times.

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What is Karaoke Wednesday at Madd Hatter?

A. Karaoke Basics

Karaoke is a form of interactive entertainment that allows people to sing along to recorded music using a microphone and a sound system. It originated in Japan in the 1970s and has since become a popular pastime around the world. In a karaoke setting, participants choose a song they want to sing, and the lyrics are displayed on a screen or a monitor. The participant then sings along with the music while the audience cheers them on.

B. Karaoke Wednesdays at Madd Hatter

At Madd Hatter, Karaoke Wednesday is a weekly event that has become a fan favorite among Hoboken locals. The bar is transformed into a lively karaoke stage every Wednesday from 7 pm to close. The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive, making it the perfect environment for singers of all skill levels to take the stage and show off their talent.

Madd Hatter provides all the necessary equipment, including microphones and sound systems, to ensure a great karaoke experience for everyone. The staff is also on hand to provide technical support and assist singers with song selection. The bar has a comfortable seating arrangement, with tables and chairs set up around the stage so that everyone can enjoy the show.

C. Song Options

At Madd Hatter, singers have access to an extensive selection of songs to choose from, covering a range of genres and styles. The bar updates its song library regularly to keep up with the latest hits, ensuring that there’s always something new to sing. Additionally, there are classic karaoke favorites and lesser-known tracks available for those looking for something different. Madd Hatter’s Karaoke Wednesdays truly have something for everyone, making it the perfect midweek break for anyone looking to have some fun and unwind.

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Why should you attend Karaoke Wednesday at Madd Hatter?

Benefits of a Midweek Event

There’s nothing quite like a midweek break from the hustle and bustle of work, and what better way to unwind than with some fun and entertainment at Karaoke Wednesdays at Madd Hatter? Whether you’re looking to take a break from your daily routine, relieve stress, or simply enjoy a night out with friends or coworkers, Karaoke Wednesday is the perfect midweek event.

Social Atmosphere and Meeting New People

Karaoke Wednesdays at Madd Hatter are a great opportunity to meet new people and build new connections in a fun and relaxed setting. Whether you’re new to Hoboken or a long-time resident, the social atmosphere at Karaoke Wednesdays is inviting and friendly. So why not step out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation with a fellow singer or audience member? You might just make a new friend or discover a new karaoke partner!

Fun and Entertainment

Of course, the most obvious reason to attend Karaoke Wednesdays at Madd Hatter is for fun and entertainment! With a vast selection of songs to choose from, singers of all tastes and preferences are sure to find something they enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned karaoke pro or a first-time singer, the supportive and encouraging atmosphere at Madd Hatter will make you feel right at home. So why not take a chance, grab the mic, and show off your singing skills? You never know, you might just surprise yourself and have a blast doing it!

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What to expect at Karaoke Wednesday at Madd Hatter

Schedule of Event

Karaoke Wednesdays at Madd Hatter starts at 7 pm and runs until close, providing ample time to grab a drink, socialize with friends, and, of course, sing your heart out! To add to the fun, Madd Hatter offers a range of drink specials throughout the night, including discounted beers, wines, and cocktails. You can enjoy the following drink specials all day long on Wednesdays:


$5 Truly on Tap

$5 Bud Light Mugs

$5 Cherry Bombs

$6 Irish Car Bombs

$7 Malibu Bay Breeze

$45 Bud Light Towers

$30 Corona Buckets

$25 Bud Light Buckets

Friendly and Supportive Environment

At Madd Hatter, everyone is welcome to sing at Karaoke Wednesdays, regardless of their skill level or experience. The supportive and encouraging environment means that singers can perform with confidence and have fun doing it! With a diverse range of song options available, there’s something for everyone to sing, whether you prefer classic rock, pop hits, or show tunes. So come on down to Madd Hatter for Karaoke Wednesdays and let loose with some midweek fun!

Delicious Food Options

If all that singing and socializing has worked up your appetite, Madd Hatter has you covered with a variety of delicious food options. Their menu features classic pub fares such as burgers, wings, and nachos, as well as more unique items like their popular crab cake sliders and truffle fries. Plus, their kitchen is open until late, so you can satisfy your hunger even if you stay for the whole night. Check out their full menu on their website to see all of the tasty options available.


In conclusion, Madd Hatter’s Karaoke Wednesday is the perfect midweek event to let loose and have some fun. With a supportive and friendly atmosphere, a variety of song options, and delicious food and drink specials, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We encourage you to grab some friends and head to Madd Hatter for the next Karaoke Wednesday event, held every Wednesday from 7 pm to close. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your singing skills and make some new friends. Madd Hatter is located at Washington Street in Hoboken. For more information or to make a reservation, give us a call at 201-850-1281. We hope to see you there!

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What time does Karaoke Wednesday start, and how long does it go on?

Karaoke Wednesday at Madd Hatter starts at 7 pm and goes on until the close. This means that you can sing your heart out well into the night. This weekly event is a chance to experience ultimate fun with a lot of drink specials and quality food. With live Karaoke music, you can have a great time with your friends at Madd Hatter.

Is there a cover charge or any additional fees for attending Karaoke Wednesday?

There is no cover charge or additional fee to attend Karaoke Wednesday at Madd Hatter. However, food and drink purchases are separate and not included in the cost of the event.

Do I need to be a good singer to participate in Karaoke Wednesday?

Absolutely not! Karaoke Wednesday at Madd Hatter is a welcoming and inclusive environment for singers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just looking to have some fun, everyone is encouraged to grab the mic and join in the midweek fun.

Why choose Madd Hatter in Hoboken?

Madd Hatter is a popular sports bar located in Hoboken, known for its lively atmosphere and variety of events. At Madd Hatter, we take pride in providing our customers with an exceptional experience through our friendly staff, delicious food and drinks, and exciting weekly events such as Karaoke Wednesdays. Our focus is on creating a welcoming environment where everyone can come together to have a good time and make lasting memories. So if you’re looking for a fun and unique midweek activity, Madd Hatter is the perfect choice for you.

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