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Madd hatter is Hoboken’s number 1 destination for great food, fun, and entertainment. We offer table service to eat and drink with friends as well as offering VIP bottle service. Click the link below for dining and drink reservations or if you are just looking to sit at the bar with friends. If interested in bottle service please fill out the form below.

Bottle Service

At Madd Hatter, we offer a bottle service by which you will be able to purchase a bottle from our top-notch drink collection. We will provide you with a special service with mixers and other accompanying items. Bottle service is recommended for a great experience at our bar. Here are the bottles you can get we have a variety of Vodka, Tequila, Champagne, Whiskey, Gin, Shots, Cognac, Rum, and Parades. We are sure that you will like something from our extensive menu and enjoy the nightlife.


  • ABSOLUTE $285
  • TITOS $325
  • KETTLE ONE $375
  • GREY GOOSE $395
  • BELVEDERE $475


  • DON JULI0 $350

    GREPOSADO +$35 + ANEJO +$60

  • CASAMIGOS $385

    GREPOSADO +$35 + ANEJO +$60

  • PATRON $425

    GREPOSADO +$35 + ANEJO +$60

  • CLASE AZUL $575
  • DJ. 1942 $600


  • MOET $325

    ROSE +$40. NECTAR $75

  • VEUVE $375

    ROSE +$40


    LUMINOUS +$100

  • ACE OF SPADES $800



  • FIREBALL $275
  • MAKERS MARK $375
  • BULLET $425
  • JAMESON $475
  • MACALLAN 12 $650


  • REMY MARTIN $365
  • HENNESSEY $395
  • DUSSE $425

Shots & Rum

  • BACARDI $375


  • TANQUERAY $375
  • HENDRICKS $475


  • #1CONTENDER $500





Hoboken's Nightlife

Party lovers and people who enjoy their time at bars and clubs will find Hoboken amazing. Hoboken has more bars per capita than New York. Isn’t it fascinating? For someone who loves drink specials and nightlife will find Hoboken no less than Heaven. The venues and service are great in the city. It has great views and at night it gets more amazing.


Hoboken is a city in NJ and a few kilometers away from New York City. Hoboken has amazing nightlife as there are much more bars in the city. Its nightlife is amazing and people from different places come here to enjoy and party. There are events happening throughout the year. There are top-rated bars across Hoboken with a great atmosphere, drinks, music, and parties. Although the nightlife of Hoboken is underrated and not many people know about it but we are telling you that it is amazing and worth experiencing.

Why Madd Hatter?

Now that we have told you about the nightlife of Hoboken and everything. It is time for you to decide where to have a great night in Hoboken. There are a lot of options to have a great night out. But we are gonna tell you about Madd Hatter, the place where the madness happens and you will have the best night here. Madd Hatter has everything that you need, even if you want to dance to music, have a drink and get crazy or sit down with your friends and engage in a great conversation. Here are some things you will love at Madd Hatter.

Great Venue

When the night starts and darkness is all over Hoboken, all the roads lead to Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter is located across the Hudson River on Washington Street, which is the city center, and has all the top-notch bars, shops, and other things. That is the place to have a great night. Our venue is great and has one of the best views, you can see New York City across the river and that view is just amazing. The Manhattan skyline, darkness, and stars. It is one of the things you will love at Madd Hatter. This is your chance to take photos and make videos of this view and post them on social media. It is simply the best place to enjoy Hoboken if you love the nightlife, great views, and drinks. We recommend you bring your friends and family and have the best time here which will take your mind off things.

Drink Specials

To have fun at its fullest you need drinks and when it comes to drinks, Madd Hatter has top-notch drinks from different brands. We have an extensive collection of beers and drinks that we serve. And we are sure that we have something on our menu that you will love. Ranging from different types we have Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Champagne, Gin, Cognac, Shots, and Parades. Within these types, we have several variations and those who love drinks will know how extensive a collection we have. Our special service is where you get a complete bottle from our menu at your table and it comes with mixers and other accompanying items. That is something that will make your night full of fun and madness. So, have a drink at Madd Hatter and call it a night.

Delicious Food

We are much more than just a bar or nightclub. We have a long island bar plus you can also order food if you feel like eating something. We are a full-fledged restaurant. How amazing it is that you can have a gathering with your friends at Madd Hatter, in one of the most fun places named Madd Hatter and you can have a nice dinner with our delicious food and then have drinks, party, and experience the nightlife. Our extensive menu includes different kinds of foods ranging from full-course meals to side dishes and light meals. It depends on how much you wanna eat but we assure you that there is always something you can eat here and the fun happens after having a great dinner. No need to find a restaurant where you can have a great dinner with us and whatever comes after it.

Customer Service

What we care about the most is that our customers are served the best quality food, drinks, and a great experience. Madd Hatter is not just a bar, restaurant, or nightclub. It is an experience of top-notch service and a place where everything is simply amazing. We do our best to serve you only the best. We have a great staff that includes chefs, bartenders, and waiters who are passionate about what they and we are sure you will get everything on time, and of great quality. We arrange things and prepare in advance to welcome our guests and guests should be treated well. We know you come here with great expectations and we will always try to exceed your expectations so never have any issues. We want you to remember the time you spend here and recommend us in good words.

Open till Late at Night

As mentioned earlier that the nightlife at Hoboken NJ is amazing and one of a kind. Madd Hatter plays a role in this by offering late opening hours so you can have fun at night and experience the nightlife. Being a nightclub we are serving and the fun continues doesn’t matter if it is getting late or something. But we warn you that time passes quickly when you are having fun and at Madd Hatter, you will lose track of time as there are party vibes and people dancing, having a great time, drinking, eating, and madness going on. We play our part by opening late and everything will be served in our restaurant and the full bar will stay open until late hours. The best time to enjoy and forget things that stress you is at night and we know that so, here is your chance to experience the madness at Madd Hatter.

Other Specials

Now that you know about our drinks, food, nightlife, and venue. There is much more to Madd Hatter although that is what makes a great bar as our aim is to exceed your expectations there is much more. We have friendly staff, our place is nice and clean. As it should be clean and hygienic for a better experience so we strictly follow hygiene and have it clean so it is something you don’t have to worry about. We have reasonable prices for things we offer based on the quality we offer. So you get better value for your money. We host events throughout the year and you can be part of the most awaited events and parties. We have house music playing and there is your chance to get on the dance floors which will make your experience at Madd Hatter even better. Madd Hatter is a welcoming place all we need is your presence.

Booking Your Table!

To enjoy the nightlife and have a great you will have to book a table at Madd Hatter. That is easy to do you can do it online with a few clicks. All you need to do is click the button below that says “Book your table now” and it will take you to a new page where you will have to enter the date on which you want to visit and the number of guests you wish to bring. After that, you can choose between indoor sitting and outdoor seating area. Depending on the availability, time, and your preference you can proceed with whatever suits you best and then you can log in with Facebook, or Google or continue as a guest after filling out some information you are ready to go and have successfully booked a table.


You can make a reservation in advance and book a table to avoid any hassle and have a great experience. Click the button and book your table now with a few clicks.


If you live in New Jersey, New York, or Jersey City and you don’t know about Hoboken then you are missing out on so much. Amazing nights full of fun, and madness. Hoboken has great nightlife which is underrated and not discussed but we are telling it had one of the best bars, pubs, nightclubs, and much more that are open till late at night, and people from different places visit just to spend the night and have some fun.

Hoboken is located in New Jersey and the Hudson river separates Hoboken from New York. You can see New York across the river and that view is just amazing and can’t be explained in words. You have to experience it yourself. If you live near Hoboken you must give it a try. Hoboken is home to the most awaited and greatest events throughout the year. There are parties and different events going on that you can enjoy with your friends. If you love partying late at night and getting mad for the night to forget troubles then Hoboken is an ideal place. You can bring your friends and family and experience the nightlife of Hoboken at least once.

There are a lot of top-rated nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in Hoboken. But we have to tell you this you must try out Madd Hatter at least once if you are in Hoboken and we are sure that our service, drinks, and food will attract you again. Give us a chance and leave the rest to us. We have everything that you will need to have a great night with great music, drink specials, delicious food, and much more.

Madd Hatter is located in Hoboken and we have a wide variety of drinks which are essential things to enjoy a great night without drinks the night of fun and madness is incomplete. Offering a wide range of drinks and beers is a complete pack of fun which makes us special. Our long island bar, welcoming staff, club vibe, and great service are unique and we warmly welcome you to Madd Hatter to try it. You can easily reserve a table and bring in guests with you. Madd Hatter is ready to cater to your needs and provide you with a tremendous experience that you will remember. So, in conclusion, we would say that you visit Madd Hatter and let our service speak for itself.

Madd Hatter has many specialties that separate it from other bars and nightclubs. Although it depends on preferences we know what a person who loves nightlife, parties, and drinks looks for in a bar and we do it the best. One thing is our location which is like the heart of Hoboken and when it is night time all the roads lead to Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter offers a great view of New York city across the river and we talk about that so much because it is really exceptional we can’t explain how wonderful it is and only a few bars have it.

Madd Hatter has a wide collection of beers and drinks. We are aware of different beers and tastes so we always have something to suit your taste. You can try something new and may end up liking it. Madd Hatter offers table service. You can order a bottle at your table to enjoy a special occasion or to have fun with your friends and get mad for a night.

Drinks aside, we also serve food and not some low-grade meals. In fact, we offer high-quality meals and you can have dinner, lunch, or brunch at Madd Hatter. Delicious food with a long menu that has dishes of different kinds and for every craving we have something on our menu. In conclusion, Madd Hatter is top-rated and we have hundreds of 5-star reviews from our valued customers who have experienced our service.

We have indoor seating and outdoor seating too. If you are a person who loves indoor seating or a person who loves outdoors you can book according to your preference. You can choose your preference while booking with us and select if you want to enjoy indoor seating with closed space, hip-hop music, lights, and a great indoor space or outdoor space with fresh air, and breathtaking views. It is a matter of choice and both options are available. If you have a large number of guests then outdoor seating is available and will be set up for you so you don’t have issues and have a great time.

Yes, we are hosting event parties throughout the year. Some of the special events are Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Being a sports bar we also host sports-watching events where people join us and watch live matches on 75+ high-quality screens that are spread throughout the bar. Moreover, we have Monday Madness, Taco Tuesdays, Wednesday Karaoke, Thirsty Thursday, Saturday Night Dance party, Sunday Brunch, and much more.

At Madd Hatter, you can book to celebrate birthday parties and make them special. We have much more events and something is going on all the time. You are welcome at every moment and whenever you feel like having fun. We recommend joining us with your friends and family as it makes it more special and you can gather memories and do something that interests you for example you love watching matches so you can book a table for a sporting event and watch the match with your gathering as there is a lot of fun and madness as people will be cheering for their teams.

In conclusion, there are a lot of events that mean a lot of chances to visit Madd Hatter. You can check out all the events from the navigation bar and see the details. We warmly welcome you to Madd Hatter and experience the Madness!

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