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Mad hatter Saturday special dance party

Madd Hatter presents a Saturday Night dance party for the public who love to enjoy the weekend with some music and dance. We have a dance party every Saturday in the heart of Hoboken. If you live in Hoboken, New Jersey, New York City, Union City, or Weehawken then you can easily join us for the best Saturday night in the town. Madd Hatter is famous for hosting great, energetic, and fun events. Saturday night is where music, and drinks won’t stop so you can dance all night long while having the best time of your life.


At Mad Hatter, you will love the atmosphere as there are party vibes all over with people having a great time enjoying drinks and music till late hours in the heart of Hoboken where you can experience the exceptional nightlife. Madd Hatter offers premium drinks, food, and music that people love. Madd Hatter is your ultimate party destination where you will get tremendous service and a place where you will forget all your troubles.


At Mad Hatter, you will love the atmosphere as there are party vibes all over with people having a great time enjoying drinks and music till late hours in the heart of Hoboken where you can experience the exceptional nightlife. Madd Hatter offers premium drinks, food, and music that people love. Madd Hatter is your ultimate party destination where you will get 5 star service and a place you will forget all your troubles.

Saturday Party

Saturday nights are special when everyone is enjoying themselves in their own way. If you love partying then we welcome you to Madd Hatter at our Saturday night dance party. We are open till late at night so you can enjoy yourself without looking at the clock. You will get everything you need to have a great Saturday dance party.


Madd Hatter is also a restaurant other than just a bar or nightclub. We have a great place for dining. You can have lunch, brunch, or dinner here where we offer the food of different varieties. You can choose between indoor seating or outdoor seating depending on your preferences. Visit us for a complete package of fun.


Madd Hatter is a sports bar that offers a huge variety of drinks and beers. Our long island bar has a collection of more than 80+ bottled beers and drinks from which you can choose what to drink. Not feeling like having the same drink you do all the time? No problem we are sure you will love something from our shelves!

All Day & Night Long

Doesn’t matter what time of day it is Madd Hatter is here to serve you. We are open for long hours where different events and specials are being enjoyed. For our Saturday night dance party, we are open late till night so you can tune in at midnight and have fun for hours. Grab a bite, drink, and dance. If you haven’t already experienced Madd Hatter just step in once and you will keep coming for more we bet. As we offer high-quality service and specials throughout the day and night. We are serving throughout the week and are open most of the time and doesn’t matter if you want to join in for brunch or dinner, we always have something to offer to our special guests.

Delicious Food

Madd Hatter is not just a party place. You can grab a bite to eat from our extensive menu. We offer appetizers and full courses of entrees and a variety of dishes. You can have a look at our menu and you will be amazed by the quality of our food and the diversity in our menu. You can plan a dinner at Madd Hatter with your special ones and then enjoy our Saturday night dance party afterward.

Special Drinks

Madd Hatter has a unique collection of drinks at our bar. We serve top-notch drinks ranging from margaritas to mimosa and some special options that we want you to taste. We are sure there is something for every drink lover at our bar from our 80+ beers and drinks collection. All you need to do is ask what you would like to drink at Madd Hatter and we are sure that we have something to cater to your taste buds.

VIP Bottles

Madd Hatter not only offers special drinks and beers. But we also offer VIP bottles that are just for our special guests. If you like to order a VIP bottle we can serve you from our special collection with amazing table service where you will get a bottle of your choice right at your table. You can do a celebration with one of our VIP bottles at your own gathering. Ready to have a look at our VIP bottles?

The Best Restaurant

Hoboken has a lot of great bars and nightclubs but when the darkness takes over all the roads point in only one direction which is Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter is crazy when it comes to nightlife as it is usually crowded with people who love parties and drinks. We make sure the fun is on all night and the music keeps playing to add more maddness to the atmosphere. So, if you were looking for a perfect place to have a Saturday night dance party then here is your chance to experience the wild nightlife of Hoboken and step into Madd Hatter for a great time.


Private Dinners & Happy Hours

Saturday night dance party should start with a nice dinner. At Madd Hatter, you can book a private dinner by reserving your table where you will be served delicious food of your choice right at your table with great service. You can have a happy hour by making a reservation at Madd Hatter.


Saturday night dance party is an event that takes place every Saturday at Madd Hatter. Saturdays are meant to party and have fun all around the world where people forget all their worries of the week but it depends on the venue. Madd Hatter offers great service and a venue where you can enjoy great food, drinks, music, and dance all night. Boys and girls from different places join Madd Hatter for a Saturday dance party where they enjoy every moment. So, you can expect a great night where you will get access to great drinks from the collection of Madd Hatter and there will be a live DJ playing some dope beats that you can dance to with your special ones. Jump in for a Saturday night dance party held at Madd Hatter.

Madd Hatter is a sports bar located at Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. Hoboken is a place with amazing nightlife and party vibes in its air. If you haven’t already then you should visit Hoboken as it is the perfect party destination. Madd Hatter offers indoor and outdoor seating in the city center of Hoboken. You will be able to witness breathtaking views of New York city across the river. The skyscrapers of New York city look amazing at night where you can zoom in and take great photos. Madd Hatter is the perfect venue for a party where you will get everything ranging from food to cool events.

Madd Hatter is a top-rated bar with hundreds of great reviews from our guests. Madd Hatter is something you have to experience yourself in order to grasp the complete fun and maddness we offer. Madd Hatter hosts the most awaited events throughout the year where people from near cities join us and have a great time. When it comes to food you will have delicious food all day as we offer brunch, lunch, and dinner and there are particular dishes for different occasions and different times of the day. If you are a drink lover then you will appreciate and will be amazed as we have an extensive collection of drinks waiting for you on our shelves. At Madd Hatter, you will get great customer service as we have an experienced staff trained to cater needs of our guests. There are a lot more things that make Madd Hatter unique and if you were looking for a place to have fun then Madd Hatter is the only choice and you can check in for a Saturday dance party!

Now that you have decided to spend your Saturday night at Madd Hatter and be part of the Saturday dance party, now it’s time to make a paid reservation so you can attend it without any hassle. To make a reservation all you have to do is click this link or any of the buttons above that says book now. Once you click the link it will take you to a new page where you will be required to select the date and for Saturday night dance party you will obviously have to select a Saturday depending on the choice for which you wish to make a reservation. Next, you have to select the number of guests you would like to bring in or you can just select one if you want to join in just by yourself. Then select a time and click search and it will show you available time slots. Confirm the reservation by selecting a slot and filling in your details and you will get confirmation by email. That’s it you have booked a reservation!

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