Are you ready to celebrate St Patrick’s day at Madd Hatter?

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Madd Hatter is a sports bar in Hoboken and we celebrate events here throughout the year. St Patrick’s day is almost here and we are pretty excited to announce that we will be celebrating St Patrick’s day at Madd Hatter with great enthusiasm and passion. We are sure you guys are excited about this event. All you need to do is book your spots for this event and find a green costume to dress up in as the theme is green and you will witness people dressed up in exciting costumes. St Patrick’s day is never peaceful at Madd Hatter and always full of excitement and madness. This event comes once a year so make sure you don’t miss out!


Madd Hatter is famous for hosting fun and exciting events and one of them is St Patrick’s day which comes once a year and we celebrate it at its fullest. We have a theme for the costume which is green and moreover, you will be able to enjoy our special drinks and food. It is going to be a fun event for which our visitors wait a whole year and is a truly special experience. Hoboken has a lot of St Patrick’s day events across different bars and restaurants but Madd Hatter is one of a kind where you will have a joyful experience. Will you be joining us for the annual St Patrick’s day party on 17 March?


Costume parties are always fun and exciting to be part of. If you are a costume party type person and love dressing up in costumes for a party or an event then here is your chance to join Madd Hatter and show off your unique outfit. There will be people at St Patrick’s day party dressed up in green costumes to keep alive the Irish culture and most vastly celebrated festival. Have you decided what you are gonna wear to this party? If not then there is still time, so grab your ticket and a costume to wear and join Madd Hatter for ultimate fun.


Madd Hatter brings you food and drinks specials for every event to enhance your experience at our sports bar. We have an extensive menu of food from which you can choose what to eat depending on what’s on your mind we have everything ranging from appetizers to full-course meals. For drinks, we have 80+ draft beers and beverages which will be your best friend at this event. At Madd Hatter, you will have the best quality food and drinks from premium brands. Step into Madd Hatter grab a bite, drink, and have a joyful experience.


At St Patrick’s day party, there will be different forms of entertainment. The most entertaining thing will be our DJs playing some dope music for you to dance to. Our DJs will make sure that you enjoy the music and make this party a memorable experience. Hoboken has a fantastic nightlife and you can experience it at Madd Hatter where we will open for late hours of the night celebrating St Patrick’s Day. There will be people in costumes enjoying the music and dancing all night long. We will make sure that entertainment doesn’t stop.


Grab your tickets now for St Patrick’s day party at Madd Hatter and be part of the craziest event in Hoboken. You will get a chance to show off your costume and try our special food and drinks. It is a complete package of entertainment and will go on all night long. You can bring your friends and family to this exclusive party to have a great experience. The seats are limited so hurry up and book your tickets as soon as possible. If you need detailed information on how to book then scroll down to the FAQs section.


Yes, St Patrick’s day is celebrated at different venues with great passion in the Hoboken community. Bar owners and Hoboken officials organize various parties on this day. You will see bars, restaurants, and local businesses hosting events that you can join. There are St Patrick’s day parade and a privately organized bar crawl in Hoboken. But, one of the best places to celebrate this event is Madd Hatter. At Madd Hatter, you will have everything that you need to enjoy and make this day an unforgettable memory. So, if you are on Patrick’s bar crawl make sure to visit Madd Hatter.

There is a costume theme at the first Saturday St Patrick’s day party which is a green costume. Be creative with your dress as there will be people dressed up in unique costumes. You should be wearing something that is appropriate for this event and is attention-grabbing. So, pick your costume wisely and join this community-friendly event.

Booking your tickets for this event is simple. You can do it from your smartphone. All you need to do is click this link. It will take you to the Eventbrite page which is the booking system we use for our events. If you already have an account then you can easily book by clicking reserve a spot. Alternatively, you can create an account in a minute and reserve your spot. You will get an email and also you can see your bookings on the Eventbrite website.

Yes, Madd Hatter is a sports bar with a long island bar where drinks from premium brands are served. More than 80 different kinds of beers and beverages are waiting for you on our shelves. We are sure that every beer enthusiast will find something to drink at Madd Hatter. Give us a try if you haven’t already and we are sure that even if you are a bar-crawling person you will keep coming back for more at Madd Hatter.

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