Let's watch some football on Sunday Funday at the one and only Madd Hatter

Group Reservations 6 or more

Sunday Funday Football

Table Packages

1st & 10
  • 30 WINGS

    Sauced Your Way


    Chicken Quesadillas, 2 Personal Bud Light Pitchers

  • 2-3 GUESTS $79.99
2nd & LONG
  • 50 WINGS

    Sauced Your Way


    Chi. Quesadillas, Monster Nachos, Mozzarella Sticks, 3 Personal Bud Light Pitchers

  • 5-6 GUESTS $224.99
3rd & 3
  • 85 WINGS

    Sauced Your Way


    5 Appetizers, 4 Personal Bud Light Pitchers

  • 3-5 GUESTS $134.99
4th & GOAL
  • 160 WINGS

    Sauced Your Way

  • 2 MH FRIES

    6 Appetizers, 6 Personal Bud Light Pitchers

  • 6-8 GUESTS $349.99

All Star MVP Deal

  • 2 MH FRIES
  • 8-12 GUESTS $499.99




  • Domestic Mugs $5
  • Jager & Fireball Shots $6
  • Twisted Tea Bottles $7
  • Cherry Bombs $8
  • Domestic Buckets $25

    Add 5 Green Tea Shots | $20 Loaded Bucket

  • Imported Buckets $35

    +White Claw & Happy Dad | Add 5 Green Tea Shots | $20 Loaded Bucket

  • Margaritas & Mojito $9
  • Malibu Bay Breezes $10
  • Domestic Pitchers $11
  • Import/Craft Pitchers $14
  • High Noon Buckets $45

    Add 5 Green Tea Shots | $20 Loaded Bucket

  • 120oz Towers $

    $45 Domestic | $60 Craft Import | $75 Arnold Palmer | $110 Cocktail Tower


Are you an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys watching football or NFL games? If so, you already understand how enjoyable it is to watch a football game with friends while drinking. Yes, Madd Hatter offers an all-inclusive experience for watching your favorite football games. If you’re new, let us introduce you to Madd Hatter, the best sports bar in town. If you reside in Hoboken or one of the adjacent areas, such as New Jersey, New York City, Union City, or Weehawken. Sports bars like Madd Hatter allow you to watch games on over 75 high-definition screens while enjoying delicious cuisine and beverages. Come watch your favorite football games with other sports enthusiasts at Madd Hatter, get a drink, and enjoy the entire game.


The Madd Hatter hosts a Sunday Funday event where you can watch your preferred football games in our pub. We provide a range of packages that come with food, drinks, and other amenities. Because there are many sports fans gathered there to watch the game, you will enjoy every play of the game at Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter is a must if you enjoy watching football. You can get high-end beverages here to enjoy the game. Madd Hatter even offers several events throughout the year, this one is specially designed for football supporters who want to have a good time while cheering for their team on Sundays. Entering Mad Hatter will make your Sundays more enjoyable. Make a reservation right away!


Sundays will be extra special at Madd Hatter thanks to NFL streaming at our Sports Bar. Every NFL fan and sports enthusiast is invited to stop by our location to enjoy a football game with other NFL supporters. We provide scrumptious food, delicious beverages, and nonstop live streaming of your favorite games. Madd Hatter is the place to go if you’re searching for a sports bar to watch the most anticipated NFL games on Sunday. Here, you can watch the games without any interruptions. We provide excellent service and create memorable experiences during your time with us. Make a reservation at Madd Hatter with your football friends and join the madness.


Our sports bar called Madd Hatter provides high-end food, drinks, and live football streaming. You can watch NFL games at Madd Hatter on more than 75 high-definition screens that span the whole island bar, and every table has an ideal view. The mix of football games, high-end food, and drinks seems ideal. Our customers love it. What the Madd Hatter has to offer is simply wonderful. We are renowned for presenting the most anticipated events, and since sports are what we do best, we won’t let you down. Therefore, reserve a spot on Sunday Funday before your love of sports dies.


Football Streaming

Football games in stadiums are entertaining, but watching them at bars is an entirely different experience. You may enjoy a party atmosphere while watching the most anticipated NFL games and events at Madd Hatter. When it comes to live streaming sports, we excel at it, as seen by the fact that every person in the pub is watching the game on the screens we have set aside for NFL games. Come enjoy Madd Hatter’s craziness.


Sunday Funday Packages

We have a variety of packages at Sunday Funday to meet your needs. Check out our packages if you want to invite friends or family who also enjoy watching sports because you’ll save money and be able to enjoy the experience much more. These packages include a choice of food and drinks, and depending on the package, you are allowed to invite a particular number of guests. You will enjoy everything about Madd Hatter, including our extensive drink and food menus. Every food and drink enthusiast will find something here.


Flavorsome Food

Madd Hatter’s visitors are treated to delectable high-end cuisine. There are many different dishes and meals available to order. You can enjoy a nice meal and satisfy your appetite. We have everything from appetizers to full-course meals. We guarantee that the cuisine we serve is delectable and up to par, and we can vouch for the fact that the food is prepared fresh by our skilled chefs. You can eat at Madd Hatter while watching football on one of our large-screen televisions. The best day to eat at Madd Hatter and watch an NFL game is Sunday Funday.


Drinks & Beers

Without beverages and beer, every party would be boring. We are aware of this, which is why our beverages and unique beer selection will wow you. We can provide you with more than 80 bottled beer options. To make your visit to Madd Hatter extra special, we have top-rated drinks from several brands, so take some time to consider what you would enjoy the most. Every beer enthusiast will find something on our shelves. Are you planning to join us for Sunday Funday? Be sure to order one of our specialty beverages to enhance your enjoyment. Ready for a drink?


Perfect Venue

Mad Hatter can be found on Washington Street in Hoboken. We frequently emphasize this, but it is actually quite wonderful that Madd Hatter offers breathtaking views. There is fantastic nightlife, with people having a great time all night until close. Additionally, you can take pictures of the vistas of New York City on the other side of the river. In general, we’d say that you’ll adore the location because you can select between indoor and outdoor seating according to your tastes. Make a reservation right away to visit the magnificent Madd Hatter Sports Bar and Restaurant in the center of Hoboken.


Customer Service

Our visitors are Mad Hatter’s top priority. We strive to provide each and every guest with outstanding service. The way that everything is set up will surely wow you. You’ll receive a spotless, sanitary, and tidy area where you may dine, drink, and have fun. There are experts working here, from chefs to bartenders, who are skilled at what they do, respectful of you, and available to assist you if ever necessary. Hundreds of satisfied customers who have visited and continue to visit Madd Hatter have left us positive feedback, making us a well-regarded sports bar and restaurant in Hoboken. Once you’ve visited, we’re confident you’ll return.



Come join us for our Sunday Funday! Make your reservation ahead of time to secure your area. By pressing the button below, you can book your table. Making a reservation is simple and just requires a few details. We advise inviting your friends and family because it is more enjoyable to watch a football game with a group of people you know. Visit the FAQ area for a step-by-step tutorial on how to reserve your space for Sunday Funday if you need additional information on how to do so.




Madd Hatter is a sports bar located in Hoboken. Although there are many top-notch bars in Hoboken with amazing nightlife and sports streaming but Madd Hatter is one of a kind and you should experience our service. We host different sports events throughout the week and our bar is dedicated to sports lovers. We will stream football games where you will not miss out even a second of the game thanks to our 40+ high-definition screens that are placed in different locations of our bar to provide you with the best experience. Moreover, we offer special drinks in these sports events like Sunday Funday to add more fun to your experience. Overall, you will love the atmosphere and service at Madd Hatter. We welcome you to join us for football Sunday Funday.

Madd Hatter is located in a place with amazing nightlife called Hoboken. Hoboken is a place in New Jersey, where nearby cities are New York City, Union City, and Weehawken. Hoboken is home to the most fun parties and unique events. You will meet like-minded people who are there to take some time off for themselves and have fun. Hoboken has more bars per capita than New York City. Madd Hatter is situated on Washington Street which is the city center of Hoboken or you can say the heart of Hoboken. Madd Hatter has a great venue with mind-blowing views of New York City across the river where you can see the skyscrapers and at night time it a wonderful view. You can take fabulous photos for social media. Madd Hatter has indoor and outdoor seating options available. You can select whatever suits you best but for Sunday Funday you must choose indoor seating to watch the football match. If you were thinking of visiting Madd Hatter then we would like to let you know that we have everything you need to have a wonderful time.

Madd Hatter has many specialties that distinguish it from other sports bars and nightclubs. One of our focuses is the location which is the heart of Hoboken and when it’s night time all the roads lead to Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter has an extensive collection of beers and drinks. We have a variety of different draft beers and drinks which means that our shelves have something to suit your taste. You can try something new and will end up liking it. Madd Hatter offers table service. You can order a bottle at your table to enjoy a special occasion or to have fun with your friends and get mad for a night while watching your favorite sports game. Drinks aside, we also serve food and have a proper restaurant. In fact, we offer high-quality meals and you can have dinner, lunch, or brunch at Madd Hatter. Delicious food with a menu that has dishes of different kinds and for every craving we have something to offer. If you are joining in to watch a game then you can start with dinner first and then watch your game while enjoying your drink.

Sunday Funday happens every weekend on Sunday at Madd Hatter where we gather around to watch a football game. This is a special event and the seats fill up fast so we recommend booking in advance and also making sure to reserve spots for your friends or family. First of all, you have to click this link. It will take you to a page where you have to select a date and time plus the number of guests. For Sunday Funday select Sunday and the time at which you would like to visit us. It will then show you available slots and tables where you can select your preferred choice. Next, you will have to connect your Facebook or Google whereas you can signup with a guest account and fill in details manually. The process is now almost complete, you will get a verification email along with your reservation details. If you have any questions, you can either email us at maddhatterhoboken@gmail.com or you can give us a call at 201-850-1281. We will respond as soon as possible through email and for a quick response, you can give us a call.

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