Let’s watch Super Bowl 2023 and have a great time at Madd Hatter

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Philadelphia Eagles VS Kansas City Chiefs

Get ready for the most thrilling sports event in the USA – the Super Bowl! The match will feature the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against each other. Madd Hatter Sports Bar in Hoboken is the place to be to catch all the action. Join us as we bring you the ultimate sports experience and cheer on your favorite team in the midst of an electric atmosphere. Don’t miss out on the excitement – we welcome you to join us!


The time for the Super Bowl is drawing near. Every football enthusiast in town congregates at Madd Hatter on February 12 to watch the big game. On Super Bowl Sunday, Madd Hatter will be the place to be if you are an NFL fan searching for a location to watch the championship game. On Sunday, February 3, 2023, we will be hosting Super Bowl XXXIII, also known as “The Big Game.” There will be a viewing party for the final NFL game at Madd Hatter, where you can watch the game with other football lovers and have a good time while doing so.


If you live in Hoboken or any of the nearby cities like New Jersey, New York City, Union City, or Weehawken, then you can easily join Madd Hatter for the big game. It is far more enjoyable to watch a game with a group of like-minded people than alone. We have over 40+ Big Screen TVs where the live broadcast of the match will be played, so you won’t miss even a second, and there will be a sports vibe all around the bar. You can bring your friends or family to watch the final game on Super Sunday. You’ll get a taste of authentic football while enjoying wonderful food and drinks of the highest quality.


Here at Madd Hatter, we show all of the most anticipated and exciting football matches. No matter where you are in the island bar, you’ll always have a good view of the game thanks to our collection of over 40 big-screen TVs. People can be seen watching football games and showing their team spirit at Madd Hatter. You can grab a beer or other beverage from our extensive selection and settle in for the game. The Madd Hatter has everything you might want for a good time, including additional food and drinks and live streaming of the Super Bowl with the sound on. This year, join us at Madd Hatter on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the big game.


Super Bowl Streaming

Super Bowl Sunday will feature a viewing party at Madd Hatter where the last NFL game will be televised. If you’re looking for a place to watch the Big Game or Super Bowl, Madd Hatter is the place to be. It won’t just be a watch party; it will be a great evening where you can watch the championship game with us, enjoy beverages and food during the Super Bowl halftime show, and party into the late night in Madd Hatter, New Jersey.


Full Course Meal

On Super Bowl Sunday, we provide a full-course meal for $40 per person, which you can enjoy with your reservation. Your appetite will be satisfied by the high-quality, delectable food. The full-course meal will feature a wide variety of foods, such as soft pretzels, wings, quesadillas, sliders, penne vodka meatballs, french fries, pigs in a blanket, tacos, mac & cheese, and a lot more. You are welcome to come to watch the game with us while also joining us for a delicious meal.


Premium Drinks

At Madd Hatter, no party or event is complete without drinks, which our guests sip while cheering on their favorite football teams. It makes it more fun to watch the game, and you can drink when the crowd cheers. On Super Bowl Sunday, we will offer our guests a wide variety of drinks. The atmosphere will keep you there after the game. Getting a drink won’t be a problem because the bar has lots of room. We’ll have a wide selection of beers on tap as well as any top-shelf alcohol you could possibly desire.


Perfect Venue

Mad Hatter is located in the heart of Hoboken. It is the ideal location for parties and boasts fantastic nightlife. Hoboken has a lot of well-regarded bars and beautiful scenery. All roads lead to Madd Hatter when it comes to nightlife and gatherings. The Madd Hatter is situated on Washington Street, the main thoroughfare of the city and the center of attraction for all visitors and tourists. At Madd Hatter, you can enjoy beautiful river views and much more.



On Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL game will be the main attraction. At Madd Hatter, we have placed more than 40 big-screen TVs around the building to make sure that watching the game is easy and enjoyable for everyone. This way, you won’t miss a single second of the action. You will have an immersive gaming experience thanks to the excellent sound system. You won’t need to worry about anything if you join us for the game because we are well-known for sports and have already hosted numerous successful sporting events.


Customer Service

Our top priority is serving our customers, and we work hard to give them the best experience possible. Our staff, which includes servers, bartenders, and chefs, is very polite and professional, and they will help you and serve you as needed. We provide top-notch refreshments and meals. At Madd Hatter, you will be helped quickly and with respect, and everything you order will be made just the way you want it. You are invited to join us on Super Bowl Sunday to explore Madd Hatter and enjoy the final game.

Super bowl kick offs at 6:30 PM

Super Bowl Sunday will begin before the game, so you will have a chance to settle in before the game starts. The big game will take place on February 12, 2023, at 6:30 p.m., and you are more than welcome to begin arriving hours before the event. We suggest arriving early in order to have enough time to explore the bar and get a bite from our full-course menu, which consists of 25 dishes of various kinds. There is also a pre-game event where you can chat with those who are rooting for the same team as you. You can pick a space to sit and watch the game after grabbing a drink. This football season’s Super Bowl Sunday is going to be filled with excitement and fun.

Get Ready for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 2023 is still a ways off, but it will arrive quickly. Not only Madd Hatter, but all sports fans who enjoy watching games with us, are very excited about this occasion. Obtaining your tickets as soon as possible can help you get ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Tickets for this event quickly run out since it is so well-liked and eagerly anticipated. Keep your enthusiasm for athletics alive. Madd Hatter is the place to be if you want to have a great time for the big game in 2023.

Book Your Tickets

Booking your tickets for Super Bowl Sunday is the first thing on the list. You can book a ticket and choose your preferred option with just a few taps on your phone. You can access our buffet with some of the options, but there are also additional options, like general entry.

Show Up on Time

Super Bowl Sunday will begin in the evening, and you are more than welcome to arrive before the game starts. We recommend arriving early to check out the bar and enjoy some food from our buffet before the game begins at 6:30 PM. There will be individuals from various locations who share your interests, so you can pick a place to sit and converse with them. The fun begins before the game even starts, so we advise getting there early to fully enjoy the event.

Watch the Game

Once you’ve settled in and eaten, you’re prepared to watch the game. The game will begin and be aired throughout our bar on the big screen TVs, where you can watch and take in every moment of the action. We have more than 40 big-screen TVs scattered throughout the venue, so it doesn’t matter if you just come for a drink—you can still watch the game because there will be no other activity going on better than our Super Bowl Sunday Party.

Book your Tickets for Super Bowl Sunday 2023

Super Bowl Sunday, which is Hoboken’s most anticipated event, is coming up soon, so you should book your reservation now. At Madd Hatter, you’ll be able to watch the game with others who share your passion for sports. There will be food, beverages, and a fun, high-energy atmosphere. Madd Hatter is an excellent choice for a football fan who enjoys watching games. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family for an even better experience.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a national football conference or an American football conference; Madd Hatter is a sports bar well known for arranging sports events where people can come in and enjoy watching their favorite football games with other sports lovers. We all get together here to give people a place to relax while they eat our delicious food and watch the games. You may enjoy your day and have a fantastic time with our comprehensive package. The Madd Hatter is the ideal location for a party or sporting event. From across the river, you can see New York City, and the buildings there simply look fantastic at night. This is a location where you can assemble and take pictures for your social media. Due to the quality services we provide for our customers, Madd Hatter is a high-end sports bar with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google. If you haven’t already, this Super Bowl Sunday is your chance to come experience the Madness for yourself.

Madd Hatter is located in the heart of Hoboken. Hoboken is a place in New Jersey and the nearby cities are New York City, Union City, and Weehawken. People from these cities often visit us as we are not that far. You will find Madd Hatter on Washington street which is the city center and has a lot of top-rated bars and nightclubs. The nightlife is amazing in Hoboken and home to the most fun events throughout the year. There are sports games streaming where sports fans gather around and you can hear them cheering with every touchdown. If you are a sports fan then you must visit Madd Hatter and you will keep coming back for more. Once you experience watching one sports game at Madd Hatter you will not enjoy watching any sports event other than Madd Hatter. We are hosting Super Bowl Sunday at Madd Hatter where we will be hosting the most awaited NFL history final game at our bar. Make sure to tune in!

If you are in Hoboken or nearby cities then Madd Hatter is an ideal place for you to watch Super Bowl 2023. Madd Hatter is hosting Super Bowl Sunday dedicated to the final NFL game where there will be a complete broadcast of the game on our projection screens. On Super Bowl Sunday you will be able to watch the complete game and moreover there will be a buffet and drinks which you can enjoy while watching the game. Watching the final game at Madd Hatter is going to be much more fun as we provide a sports atmosphere and all the things you will need. We offer top-notch services and make sure you have the best experience. If you were looking for a place to watch Super Bowl then Madd Hatter is the place to watch the game and have a fun time while you are at it. We recommend bringing in your friends who love watching football games as it will make it more fun and entertaining. You can have drinks, and food and spend some quality time with your friends.

Super Bowl Sunday offers different tickets where the general admission ticket is just 20$ which will give you access to Madd Hatter and you can watch the super bowl game. Then there is 40$ ticket which gives you buffet access along with admission where you have a full-course meal. Then there is a 40$ ticket which gives you access to our bar and drinks in addition to the buffet and general admission. It depends on your preferences if you want to have a premium experience where you will have complete access to all services, we recommend going for the higher ticket option and if you just want to join in for only the sports game then you can opt-in for general admission. Is it the Los Angeles rams that you are cheering for? Doesn’t matter as long as you want to have fun.

Super Bowl Sunday is going to take place on 12th February 2023 and the game starts at 6:30 PM. The booking for tickets has already started and you can book your tickets for the Super Bowl event. You can book your tickets online with a few clicks. All you need to do is click this link. It will take you to an Eventbrite page where you will find details of the event. On the right side, there will be a get tickets button. Click get tickets and it will show you options for the tickets. You can select any option based on your preferences. There is an option for general admission where you will just get access to the sports bar to watch the games. And there are options which include Buffet and you can have food which comprises of 25 dishes of different varieties. You will have access to drinks on tap and collection from our shelves. After you proceed you will have to fill in the details and proceed to checkout. You will get your tickets by email and will get confirmation. You have booked your tickets for the event, all you need to do now is show up on time and watch the game at Madd Hatter.

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