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Do you love Tacos and Mexican dishes? If yes, then Taco Tuesday is for you. Enjoy exclusive and special deals on tacos and tecate buckets at Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter is a restaurant and a long island bar located in Hoboken, New Jersey. We offer delicious foods, drinks, and awesome customer service. On Tuesdays, as we all know which is a day for Taco and other Mexican dishes like Cheese Quesadilla, Nachos, and Steak people from different places visit Hoboken and enjoy these delicious Tijuana Tuesday deals and Margaritas at one and only Madd Hatter.


On Taco Tuesday, Madd Hatter offers taco recipes with chicken, beef, and shrimp to spice things up we have different sauces like guacamole, cheese, etc. Our Tacos are delicious and one of a kind that why we are usually fully booked on Tuesdays. If you live in Hoboken and you were searching for “Tuesday Taco specials near me” then you are right place. We welcome you to one of the best Taco Tuesdays in town. If you love taco and Mexican food then you are at the right place and you will have much more than just Tacos, beers, or margaritas!
Taco Tuesday without margaritas is incomplete. Don’t worry we have margaritas on Taco Tuesday which means tacos plus margaritas of different varieties. Margaritas Hoboken! At Madd Hatter, we have classic margaritas, strawberry margaritas, bulldog margaritas, mango margaritas, and obviously tequila shots all Tuesday. Have a fun taco night on Tijuana Tuesday with tacos, beers, and tequilla shots.


On Tijuana Tuesday we offer a variety of Tacos to suit your taste. Have a look at our menu and pick out the taco you want to eat this Tuesday.


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3



Level 1


Level 2


Level 3



  • Madd Quesadilla

    Chicken Chicharon I Philly SteakW/Guac, Sour Cream & Salsa Verde

  • Hot Queso

    Chicken Chicharon Steak

  • Spicy Guac & Chips

    Homemade Chips with Fresh & Authentic Spicy Avocado Guacamole

  • Santa Fe Mexican Eggrolls

    Corn, Beans, Peppers W/Chipolte Sauce on the side

  • Tostadas

    Beans, Chicken or Steak Marinated, Lettuce, Creamy Chipolte Sauce

Taco Tuesday Drink Menu

Taco Tuesday and margaritas make up a great combination. Looking for a margaritas restaurant Hoboken? The answer is Madd Hatter.



$5 | Corona bottles

Why Madd Hatter?

People who live in Hoboken may already be familiar with Madd Hatter. It is a restaurant and a bar located on Washington Street in Hoboken. Hoboken is an amazing place with all kinds of bars and events happening all the time. Its nightlife is amazing and when the darkness rises all the roads lead to Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter is the place to have taco night, get crazy, enjoy meals, and much more.

On Tuesday we celebrate this special Tijuana Tuesday, where our specials are Tacos, Steak, Quesadilla, Nachos, and Margaritas. If you love Tacos, you must be part of Tijuana Tuesday at Madd Hatter at least once and you will experience one of the best Tacos and Margaritas in Hoboken city. We have tacos for everyone with different tastes. So, bring your friends and family to the next Taco Tuesday.

Along with great food, you will have fun as people from different places come especially for Taco Tuesday. At Madd Hatter, we have party vibes, and people enjoying drinks and food. There is Madness going on. Madd Hatter offers great views of New York city across the river and that is breathtaking at night time. Madd Hatter welcomes you to experience the Madness.


  • Enchiladas Verdes

    Corn Tortilla, Chicken, Salsa Verde Sour Cream & Avocado

  • Mexican Bowl

    Chicken 1Steak I Shrimp
    W/Guac, Sour Cream, Rice, Pepper & Onions

  • Chorizo Flautas

    Cheese, Lettuce, Sour Cream, Fried Tortilla Rolled in Chorizo WIGreen or Red Sauce

  • Sizzling Fajitas

    Chicken 1Steak 1 Shrimp
    Rice, Beans Cheese Guac, Salsa Verde W/Pico De Gallo



Tijuana Tuesday is a custom in different cities of the USA where Tacos are enjoyed and restaurants offer deals on Tacos and other Mexican dishes like Tortillas, Nachos, Steak, and Chorizo. You can eat tacos at a very discounted price at this event. You just need to check which restaurants around you have Taco Tuesdays.

Tacos are served and people love eating Tacos on Tuesdays. If you are somewhat near New York City, New Jersey, or Hoboken then you can enjoy Taco Tuesday at Madd Hatter. You can have the best taco night with your friends and family at Madd Hatter. we have Tacos of different types plus drinks and margaritas. So, in general, Taco Tuesday is a kind of event that happens every Tuesday and people eat Tacos here, and other Mexican food, have drinks or margaritas, and be social by talking to other people. It is kind of fun to gather around every Tuesday to eat tacos and have quality time.

Madd Hatter celebrates Tijuana Tuesday or Taco Tuesday with great enthusiasm and joy. It’s one of the best weekdays at Madd Hatter with Tacos, Mexican food in Hoboken, and much more. If we said that Madd Hatter hosts taco and tequila Tuesday it wouldn’t be wrong. All-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday with naughty tacos menu will make you fall in love and you will want to visit and enjoy it again and again. Madd Hatter is famous for Tacos and Mexican food and we welcome you to witness it yourself in Hoboken NJ.

Taco Tuesday at Madd Hatter is very special as we have deals on foods and drinks plus we have special drinks that you can have and celebrate the Tuesday. Hoboken has a different vibe that you need to experience and a Tuesday can be your chance to experience the great nightlife of Hoboken.

If you live in Hoboken then you are in for a treat. At Madd Hatter, we offer Taco Tuesday special deals for Tacos and Mexican dishes. Our tacos are flavorsome with sauces and have magic ingredients like diced tomatoes, sour cream, olive oil, black beans, cheese, garlic, and salsa, wrapped in tortilla or burritos whatever suits you. So, even if you are in New York City, New Jersey, or cities near Hoboken you can easily join and be part of taco Tuesday at Madd Hatter. Taco Tuesday is much more than just Tacos, it is about the experience, the environment, and the quality of service. So, yes there are Tijuana Tuesday specials near you!

Tacos and Tequila make a great combination. We serve Tacos, Steak, and much more. You can have a look at our sexy taco Tuesday menu. We have Taco towers which include chicken tacos, steak tacos, or seafood tacos. And yes, we know you want to know about what we have in our refrigerators for you. We have a variety of beer collections and we always have something that you will love or something new that you might start loving. Our special tequila shots go on all day. Join us and have some food and tequila shots or beer whatever you like.

Now, for Margarita lovers, we have special margaritas that include classic margarita that is simple if you like them this way. Then there is a strawberry margarita, mango margarita and bulldog margarita to spice things up and try new flavors you can try one of these. Our margaritas are one of the best margaritas in Hoboken NJ. Margarita with Taco and Mexican food will boost your appetite and keeps you fresh. Margarita is a healthy drink which makes it a much more reasonable choice. We are telling you again and again margaritas and tacos make up a perfect combination and if you have not already experienced it you must give it a try.

Tijuana Tuesday is a fun event that happens on Tuesday as the name suggests. You can have a great time with friends, family, or coworkers. First of all, tacos are on deals and that makes it easier for you to afford to eat with friends or take your family out for tacos or have a group discussion with coworkers while eating tacos.

Secondly, tacos are tasty and have a different kind of vibe as it is not easy to eat a taco without messing something up like spilling sauce, getting your shirt dirty or something like that. Tacos are fun to eat in a social group and can be a conversation starter that can turn into a fun social night. At Madd Hatter, we have tacos with chicken, steak, and shrimp to serve a wider range of people. Moreover, we have sauces to provide exactly how you want your taco to taste. Our sexy Taco Tuesday menu has a lot more than just tacos, we have steak, full entrees, drinks, beers, and margaritas. Drinks are a must for having the best Tuesday.

To enjoy Taco Tuesday at its fullest you need to plan a place that has some good deals and is a nice place with good reviews on google. As mentioned earlier if you are in Hoboken or cities near that you can always visit Madd Hatter as it has a great venue to cater to a lot of guests and has great deals on food. Next, you need to make a plan with friends, family, or coworkers. We do our best to offer great customer service so our guests have the best time.

So all you have to do now is come to the venue on Tuesday, grab a taco and a drink, and celebrate it at Madd Hatter with your close ones. It will be an experience that you will remember.

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