Thirsty on Thursday? Step into Madd Hatter for a drink and a fun time!

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Thirsty Thursday

Madd Hatter hosts different special events throughout the week and here we bring the Thirsty Thursday where you can enjoy your Thursdays with special drinks like high noons, house drinks and shot wheels. On Thirsty Thursday there will be a DJ with music playing all night. There’s a lot more where you can have a great dinner and participate in a beer pong tournament which starts at 10 PM. So, if you were looking for a fun place to enjoy your Thursday night Madd Hatter should be your choice. Just join us as we start this special event every Thursday at 8 PM and at that time people start having dinner led by drinks and a fun night.

Every thursday


Thursdays are special as they bring joy being near the weekend so why not have fun on Thursdays? With our Thirsty Thursdays, you will be able to quench your thirst no matter if the thirst is for fun, drinks, food, or a party. We got everything you will need to have a great time. With our long island bar offering drinks of all kinds and from top-notch brands, you will embrace every drop of it. Our sports bar offers 40+ high-definition projection screens where we host the hottest NFL games. Not forgetting the music which is a must for having a great party at a bar we have a DJ who will play some dope music all night to which you can dance and have fun.

Special Drinks

Madd Hatter offers special drinks on Thirsty Thursday and you can be the one to try our special drinks which include high noons, house drinks and shot wheel specials. You will be amazed by the collection we have on our shelves more than 80+ draft beers and drinks all from top-notch brands. Our shelves have something for every beer lover. Be part of our Thirsty Thursday to quench your thirst.

Live DJ Party

Without music, there is no fun at the party and that’s why we have a live DJ at Madd Hatter who will be playing music all night at Thirsty Thursday. So, join in grab a drink, and dance to the music all night long. You will not be alone as there will be people from different cities enjoying and vibing to our DJ’s dope beats and the dance floor will be crowded till the late hours.

Best Food

To enjoy a party at its fullest you must have a good dinner first and at Madd Hatter, you can have appetizers and full-course entrees. Our restaurant offers a long menu with a variety of dishes to fulfill your appetite. You will love the quality of the food we provide as we have top-notch chefs. Step into Madd Hatter grab a bite to eat and have fun.


Private Dinners & Happy Hours

Now you can book private dinners and happy hours at Madd Hatter for Thirsty Thursday. We offer private tables with indoor and outdoor seating where you can select the seating based on your preferences. You can have private time with your closed ones or bring in a date where you will be served great food and drinks of your choice. Our customer service is of high quality and you will not be disappointed with your dinner at the heart of Hoboken with breathtaking views and amazing nightlife which comes with party and joy.

We invite you to visit our restaurant

If you haven’t already then Thirsty Thursday is your chance to visit Hoboken and experience maddness at Madd Hatter. Everyone who loves to party will find Madd Hatter no less than a paradise as we have a long island bar, restaurant, and all the essentials that you need to have a great time. Madd Hatter will exceed your expectations and you will surely visit again and again. So, Thirsty Thursday is your chance and we recommend booking in advance to avoid any hassle and have a great dinner and party afterward. We will be waiting for you!

Enjoy With Us Tonight


Madd Hatter has many specialties that separate it from other sports bars and nightclubs. Although it depends on preferences we know what a person who loves nightlife, parties, and drinks looks for in a bar and we offer all that things. One of our focuses is the location which is the heart of Hoboken and when it’s night time all the roads lead to Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter offers a breathtaking view of New York city across the river and we talk about that so much because it is really exceptional we can’t explain how wonderful it looks.

Madd Hatter has an extensive collection of beers and drinks. We are aware of different beers and tastes so we always have something to suit your taste. You can try something new and will end up liking it. Madd Hatter offers table service. You can order a bottle at your table to enjoy a special occasion or to have fun with your friends and get mad for a night.

Drinks aside, we also serve food and are a proper restaurant. In fact, we offer high-quality meals and you can have dinner, lunch, or brunch at Madd Hatter. Delicious food with a menu that has dishes of different kinds and for every craving we have something to offer.

Madd Hatter is located in the city center of Hoboken where you will find a lot of top-notch bars and restaurants. Hoboken is a place with underrated nightlife but is home to the most fun events throughout the year. We recommend visiting Hoboken at least once and you will keep coming back for more.

Back to Madd Hatter, it is located on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. The nearby cities are New York City, Union City, and Weehawken. Madd Hatter offers great views of New York City across the river where you can take great photos with your friends and family. Madd Hatter has a lot of 5-star reviews on Google maps from our guests who embrace the location and venue. Overall, Madd Hatter has a great venue and we thrive to provide you with the best service. You can join us for a special dinner, lunch, brunch, and events that happen throughout the week. Thirsty Thursday is one of the events that happen every Thursday and is a complete package of fun.

Madd Hatter is a place where something is going on all the time. Doesn’t matter if it is day or night. We have the most fun events and parties celebrated by the people of Hoboken where a lot of people from different cities join us. Thirsty Thursday is a weekly event where we make Thursdays special. On Thirsty Thursdays, we start at 8 PM where our guests can have a great dinner or grab something to eat. Then you can grab a drink from our drink specials for the day where we offer half off high noons and house drinks. We have more than 80+ draft beers from which you can choose. The beer pong tournament starts at 10 PM which is enjoyed by our guests and is a fun thing to engage with other people. There will be music played by a live DJ throughout the session to make this event more fun and something to which you dance. As we are a sports bar there will be streaming of NFL games which our guests watch together so if you are a sports fan then you can join in to watch a game with a like-minded crowd. That’s all we need to tell you about Thirsty Thursday and the rest you will have to find out by being a part of it.

Now that you have decided to spend your Thursday night at Madd Hatter and be part of the Thirsty Thursday, now it’s time to make a reservation. To make a reservation all you have to do is click this link. Once you click the link it will take you to a Seven Rooms page where you will be required to select the date for Thirsty Thursday you will obviously have to select Thursday depending on the choice for which you wish to make a reservation. Next, you have to select the number of guests you would like to bring in or you can just select one if you are coming by yourself. Then select a time and click search and it will show you available time slots and seating options available. Confirm the reservation by selecting a slot and filling in your details and you will get confirmation by email. That’s it you have booked a reservation for Thirsty Thursday!

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