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Madd Hatter is ready to stream these crazy UFC matches. Watch the big game with us along with the other fans who will be visiting us from different places. This is going to be one of the most awaited events at Madd Hatter and this is your chance to watch these UFC matches at the best sports bar in NJ. Book your seats, grab a drink and let the fun begin. The countdown has begun and you should book your spot as soon as possible so you don’t miss out. It is going to be a fun night.


Watch Boxing Events at MADD HATTER

Get ready for the ultimate boxing showdown as Canelo Álvarez takes on Jermell Charlo in a highly anticipated match on September 30th, 2023! Join fellow boxing enthusiasts at Madd Hatter, the premier sports bar for boxing in Hoboken, as we host a thrilling watch party for this exciting event. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness every powerful punch and skillful dodge as the titans of Hoboken boxing collide in the ring. Secure your spot at our exclusive watch party by booking your tickets online and be part of the electrifying atmosphere that only Madd Hatter can provide. Unite with fellow boxing fans and experience the exhilaration of the Canelo Álvarez vs. John Jermell Charlo fight like never before!

UFC & Boxing events at madd hatter

If you’re wondering where to go to see the big fight, look no further – come to the Madd Hatter in Hoboken. The UFC fights always draw a big crowd and we are expecting nothing less from one of the most exciting fight nights in recent memory. Our amazing staff will be serving drinks all night long, so you can enjoy the fight the right way. Home of 75+ Flat Screen TVs. 150-inch state-of-the-art flat screens. 

UFC giving MMA fans a championship tripleheader that options title fights at welterweight, featherweight, and women’s bantamweight. Currently, we tend to just need to keep our fingers crossed and hope the injury bug doesn’t rear its ugly head!

Ultimate Fighting Championship 294

Canelo Álvarez vs Jermell Charlo

Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis

Tyson Fury Vs Francis Ngannou

Ultimate Fighting Championship 294

UFC 294 is coming up and we know all UFC fans are excited for this match. We at Madd Hatter welcome you all UFC fans to watch this match with us at the best sports bar in NJ. You can have delicious food, special drinks, and an amazing experience that we have to offer. You can watch this Ultimate Fighting Championship 288 with other sports fans and experience the madness at Madd Hatter.

TO WATCH UFC 294 & Boxing Events

Come on and enjoy a great night of fights at the Madd Hatter; you won’t regret it! There’s no better way to experience UFC than in one of Hoboken’s best bars! Madd Hatter is the best sports bar in NJ to watch all sporting events.


Madd Hatter is located in a place with amazing nightlife called Hoboken. Hoboken is a place in New Jersey, where nearby cities are New York City, Union City, and Weehawken. Hoboken is home to the most fun parties and unique events. You will meet like-minded people who are there to take some time off for themselves and have fun. Hoboken has more bars per capita than New York City. Madd Hatter is situated on Washington Street which is the city center of Hoboken or you can say the heart of Hoboken. Madd Hatter has a great venue with mind-blowing views of New York City across the river where you can see the skyscrapers and at night time it a wonderful view. You can take fabulous photos for social media. Madd Hatter has indoor and outdoor seating options available. You can select whatever suits you best but for Sunday Funday you must choose indoor seating to watch the football match. If you were thinking of visiting Madd Hatter then we would like to let you know that we have everything you need to have a wonderful time.

Madd Hatter has many specialties that distinguish it from other sports bars and nightclubs. One of our focuses is the location which is the heart of Hoboken and when it’s night time all the roads lead to Madd Hatter. Madd Hatter has an extensive collection of beers and drinks. We have a variety of different draft beers and drinks which means that our shelves have something to suit your taste. You can try something new and will end up liking it. Madd Hatter offers table service. You can order a bottle at your table to enjoy a special occasion or to have fun with your friends and get mad for a night while watching your favorite sports game. Drinks aside, we also serve food and have a proper restaurant. In fact, we offer high-quality meals and you can have dinner, lunch, or brunch at Madd Hatter. Delicious food with a menu that has dishes of different kinds and for every craving we have something to offer. If you are joining in to watch a game then you can start with dinner first and then watch your game while enjoying your drink.

At Madd Hatter, we pride ourselves on being a premier sports bar that covers a variety of thrilling sports events. We regularly feature the most anticipated UFC title matches and boxing events, ensuring fans can immerse themselves in the action. With a lively atmosphere and top-notch facilities, Madd Hatter is the perfect destination for fans seeking to enjoy these adrenaline-pumping events with fellow enthusiasts. Join us and experience the excitement of UFC and boxing like never before!

Booking your tickets for events at Madd Hatter is simple and convenient. Visit our website to find information on upcoming sporting events, including UFC and boxing matches. To reserve your spot at one of our watch parties, simply follow the respective links for the event you’re interested in. You’ll be directed to our Eventbrite page, where you can complete your booking. Once your tickets are secured, join us at Madd Hatter in Hoboken to enjoy an unforgettable watch party experience with fellow fans, surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere and top-notch facilities.

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