Ugly Sweater Party 2023

The only party where you can wear your Ugly Christmas Sweaters and have fun only at Madd Hatter

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The Christmas season is almost here and we are entering the most fun and awaited time of the year that has parties, surprises, holidays, and much more. To start this December right we are hosting the Ugly Sweater Party at Madd Hatter where you can wear the ugliest sweaters. You can be the person wearing the ugliest sweater which is socially acceptable only at this event because that is what this party is for. Consider this ugly sweater party invitation to have fun and start right this holiday season. This nasty sweater party will carry the holiday spirit and the dress code is to dress up in your Christmas sweaters. We at Madd Hatter welcome you to join this party with all your friends and welcome this year’s Christmas by wearing the Ugliest sweaters, having delicious food, and partying hard.


Madd Hatter presents an Ugly sweater party this holiday season and the theme is unique. All you have to do is wear an ugly sweater and show up. Madd Hatter will serve you drinks, food, and everything you need to have a great party. Madd Hatter is famous for hosting great parties and events. So, if you were looking for a place to party at the start of December and a place where you can wear your ugly sweater then Madd Hatter is waiting for you. We all have the ugliest sweaters in our closets that we don’t wear so this is your chance to have a look at your closets and take out the ugliest sweaters to wear at this ugly sweater Christmas party. You can easily be part of this fun event if you live in Hoboken, New Jersey, New York, Union City, or Weehawken. Grab your tickets now and join the ugly sweater party.

Delicious Food & Drinks Specials

Madd Hatter offers a mouthwatering menu with a variety of foods. We have appetizers and full-course meals. At Madd Hatter, you can have a great lunch, brunch, or dinner with your friends or family. Being part of this ugly sweater party you will get access to food and special drinks throughout the night. We have an extensive collection of 80+ beers and drinks that you can enjoy while your time here at Madd Hatter. We welcome you to be part of the ugly Christmas sweater party. Eat, drink and have fun.

Wonderful Venue & Other Specials

The ugly sweater party will not only have food and drinks but we want to tell you that Madd Hatter is an impressive venue. It is located on Washington Street which is like you can say the city center of Hoboken and it offers a great view of New York city across the river. That seems like a good place to take photos in your ugly sweaters. You should be part of this event keeping the tradition of ugly sweaters alive and having a great time. Madd Hatter aims to provide you with the best party experience.

It is the start of the holiday season which is full of surprises, parties, and get-togethers. To start it we are presenting the Ugly sweater party to get on track. Plus it is your chance to wear your own ugly sweaters that we all have in our closets. It was a trend in the 1980s to wear bold sweaters. Ugly sweaters do not mean something that looks bad or something. All you need to wear is something that is bold like a sweater that has a Christmas theme or very bold colors or it can be a sweater that has a sarcastic quote or something. This is a unique event and you can have a great time with your friends and family all wearing ugly sweaters, having drinks, and listening to music all night long. People will show up in the ugliest Christmas sweaters and there will be holiday spirit and madness!


Get ready for this unique and fun party with your ugly sweaters. If you are a party person and looking for events you can join at the start of December then here is your chance to be part of the Ugly Christmas sweater party. Madd Hatter hosts the most awaited and anticipated events throughout the year so you can experience Madd Hatter at this party and we are sure you will keep coming for more. There are more events coming up this December at Madd Hatter, Hoboken. You can join us if you live in Hoboken, New Jersey, Union City, and Weehawken. Madd Hatter is one of the best and most festive venues when it comes to partying near the Holidays. At this rate, Madd Hatter is possibly the king of Nightlife in Hoboken. If you have ever stepped foot in Madd Hatter you will be amazed at how lit it can get!


Join the Ugly sweater party and book your ticket to ultimate fun. The party is going to be on 3rd December 2022 we want to see you all there. The Ugly sweater party is here and is the only time of the year when it is socially acceptable to wear an ugly sweater. Have a look at your closet and take the ugly sweater that you don’t wear and that is all you need to be part of this unique event. The party is going to be amazing as it is the start of the holiday season so we recommend booking your tickets as soon as possible. Wear an ugly sweater, grab your ticket and show up at the most fun event in Hoboken.


The Ugly Christmas sweater party is an event being hosted by Madd Hatter which is a bar in Hoboken. This party is called the Ugly Sweater party because everyone will be wearing a unique sweater and there is no rule that, you can wear any sweater and use a hot glue gun to add decorations. The most unique one will get the attention and will be the winner of the ugly sweater contest you can say. In the next question, we have answered what to wear to this party. At this party, there will be food, drinks, and music till late hours. It is a highly anticipated and celebrated event in Hoboken. If you were looking for a unique and fun event to start your holiday season then here is your chance.

The term ugly sweater refers to the sweaters that wore in the 1980s and 1990s, at that time shiny, bold, and sweaters with Christmas decorations were considered trendy. But with time that trend faded away but there are still sweaters of that trend and we are sure you have them, so the theme is to wear a bold, colorful and unique sweater that can be a DIY ugly Christmas sweater and show up at our party with ugly sweater cake. The Christmas season has started so there will be holiday vibes. This is a perfect time to start partying and make it feel like the holiday season. Madd Hatter invites you to this fun and unique party happening at Hoboken.

Madd Hatter is a bar in Hoboken. We are not just a bar but also a restaurant and nightclub. At Madd Hatter, we host different events throughout the year and weekly specials also. You can have a great time at Madd Hatter as we have food, drinks, and DJ. Madd Hatter is the best place to party and have fun in Hoboken. Madd Hatter has a great venue with breathtaking views of New York city across the river. We offer delicious food of different varieties and specialties. We have an extensive menu and you can plan a great lunch, brunch, or dinner at Madd Hatter. Our seating, bar, drinks, DJ, music, decorations, and events are of high quality. Step into Madd Hatter and experience the Maddness!

We are sure that this event excites you and that you want to be part of it. To attend this event you will have to book your spot through one of the buttons on the page or through this link. It will take you to an external page, just click reserve a spot and choose the number of guests you would like to bring. We recommend booking for your friends and family too because it gets more fun at events like these if you have a gathering of your own. After selecting the number of guests you will be taken to the next step where you have to fill in basic details like your name, and contact details and that is where you will get your tickets sent. It is pretty simple to reserve your spot so we recommend doing it as soon as possible as we expect a large number of guests at our events. We don’t want you to miss out!

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