Catch the YEEDM Wave: VAVO Lights Up Madd Hatter!

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Madd Hatter x VAVO: When EDM Meets Country in Hoboken!

Get ready, Hoboken! On Saturday, November 18th, the very ground of Madd Hatter will pulse with the unique beats of VAVO, the groundbreaking DJ/Producer duo that’s been setting the global music scene ablaze. Born from Vancouver and London’s vibrant landscapes, Jesse Fischer and Alden Martin have masterfully blurred the lines between EDM and Country, gifting us with the sensational YEEDM movement. With accolades like multiple #1 spots on Dance Radio USA and a consistent presence on the Billboard Dance Charts, it’s no wonder industry giants like Tiësto, The Chainsmokers, and David Guetta are vibing to their rhythm. Join us at 9 PM for a night where genres collide, boundaries fade, and the Madd Hatter dance floor becomes the heart of a musical revolution. Don’t just hear about it; be part of the story!


Madd Hatter, the gem of Washington Street, Hoboken. A place where memories are made, stories are crafted, and every event turns legendary. Your destination for the evening, the heart of Hoboken's pulsing nightlife, awaits.


9 PM sharp on 18th November 2023 – it begins. An evening where musical boundaries are redefined, where genres entwine in a dance of harmony, and where Madd Hatter's aura promises an anthem of the unexpected. Mark your calendars; this is not just another night.


Meet Jesse Fischer and Alden Martin, the electric minds of VAVO. Vancouver's spirit and London's rhythm found harmony in these two, skyrocketing them to #1 on Dance Radio USA and the esteemed Billboard Dance Charts. Their masterstroke? The YEEDM wave, a global sensation, merging the heartbeats of EDM and Country.

Ready to Experience VAVO?

Step into a world where music transcends boundaries and every beat ignites a story. With VAVO leading the charge, Madd Hatter is set to be the epicenter of the YEEDM revolution. Don’t just hear about the magic; be a part of it.


The YEEDM movement, a groundbreaking fusion of EDM and Country, is VAVO’s signature sound that has taken the global music scene by storm. At Madd Hatter, Hoboken’s premium event venue, this sonic revolution promises a unique experience, blending energetic beats with soulful country vibes in a way you’ve never felt before.

VAVO consists of the dynamic duo Jesse Fischer and Alden Martin. Their origin stories from Vancouver and London collided to form a unique sound that has secured top spots on Dance Radio USA and even the Billboard Dance Charts. Their innovative approach to music production, especially in the YEEDM genre, is what sets them apart in 2023.

Madd Hatter, located on Washington Street in Hoboken, aims to create an immersive experience for all its attendees. While there isn’t a strict dress code for the VAVO event, we encourage guests to dress in a way that complements the electric vibe of the evening – think festival chic meets urban cool.

VAVO, known for their collaborations and diverse influences, often surprises their audience. While Madd Hatter’s main highlight is the unparalleled YEEDM experience with VAVO, who knows what other musical surprises the night might hold? Stay tuned to our event updates for any special announcements!

To fully immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere and ensure you don’t miss a beat of VAVO’s genre-defying performance, we recommend arriving at Madd Hatter by 8:30 PM. This gives you ample time to soak in the ambiance, grab your favorite drinks, and secure a prime spot before the YEEDM magic unfolds at 9 PM.

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