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Join us at Madd Hatter for Karaoke which is the best Karaoke in town.

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Madd Hatter is a top-rated bar in Hoboken and on karaoke night we offer a half fish bowl all day and a variety of drinks. All the drinks are listed below. Wine down Karaoke is special for a reason and at Madd Hatter, you can experience these Tuesday & Thursday nights. We have karaoke from 7 PM – Close. Karaoke is so much fun and entertaining where you can listen to live songs or sing and enjoy your drinks and food along with it. We welcome Fishbowl lovers and people who want to have some fun. If you were looking for a place in Hoboken for Karaoke then Madd Hatter is the best fit.

Karaoke Specials

Karaoke at Hoboken is simply amazing and will you make you say wow after the experience you will get. You can have a nice dinner. We offer a lot of drinks and special half Fishbowls are offered all day long. Other beverages are Truly on Tap, Bud Light Mugs, Cherry Bombs, Irish Car Bombs, Malibu Bay Breeze, Bud Light Towers, Corona Buckets, and Bud Light Buckets. Prices are mentioned below. Karaoke Night will make your Tuesdays & Thursdays feel like a Saturday where you forget everything and have a joyful time.

1/2 OFF fishbowls all day long!


Truly On Tap


Bud Light Mugs


Cherry Bombs


Irish Car Bombs


Malibu Bay Breeze


Bud Light Towers


CORONA Buckets


Bud Light Buckets


Only limited seating is available for the event. So, we recommend booking the table by clicking the button below or you can simply visit our location or call us.


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Tuesday & Thursday


Madd Hatter is a restaurant, bar, and nightclub. We have special weekday events that happen every week. One of them is karaoke Night where there is live karaoke that people enjoy with special drinks. Madd Hatter is a place in Hoboken city that has impressive bars and events taking place all the time. In the heart of Hoboken is Madd Hatter where you can have quality time if you love drinks, food, song, and bars.


On karaoke Night, there are popular songs playing and you can enjoy people singing live at Madd Hatter. It is something that is loved by our guests and we are sure if you love songs and karaoke then this is for you. Book your seats now and get entertained with live karaoke. Madd Hatter hosts Karaoke two times a week and is one of the most awaited events of the week. Karaoke lovers from different places join us and you can also become part of karaoke night and meet people who have similar interests as yours.

Half Off Fishbowls

At karaoke night we offer a wide range of drinks but one of our specials is Fishbowls which is most enjoyed by our guests. There are other drinks on tap like Truly on Tap, Bud Light Mugs, and much more. Join us and get a taste of our drinks that you will love. Fishbowls are amazing and we offer the best fishbowls in the town. There are other drinks too and Madd Hatter has a wide collection of drinks that you will love. We have something for everyone all you need to do is pick from the options.

Other Specials

Madd Hatter offers much more than just drinks and karaoke on karaoke nights. We offer food and a party environment where you can take your mind off other things and live in the moment even if it is for a while. Madd Hatter is not just a bar, restaurant, or nightclub. Madd Hatter is a place where people gather and there is a connection and everyone is there to enjoy. We aim to provide the best service to our guests and that makes us special. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the Madness now at Madd Hatter.

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As we have explained all about our Karaoke Night, we are sure you will want to visit Madd Hatter now. You can book a reservation online with just a few clicks. All you need to do is click the button below and it will take you to the reservation page. We are pretty excited and fully prepared for our guests and are keen to provide the best service possible and outrank whatever you expect from us.


Karaoke night is an event that is celebrated across the USA in bars and pubs. It features karaoke with live music and some background pre-recorded beats. Karaoke is liked and enjoyed with great enthusiasm. Tuesday & Thursday is for karaoke and special drinks. One of the special drinks that are offered the most is Fishbowl. So, most of the bars on these days celebrate with karaoke and special deals. It varies from restaurant to restaurant but you can always enjoy the live music and grab a drink.

At Madd Hatter, we celebrate Karaoke twice every week on Tuesday & Rhursday with live Karaoke and great drinks. We offer half off fishbowls all day long. There are a lot of other special drinks offered that you can see if you scroll up on the page. Madd Hatter invites you to be part of our karaoke night if you love karaoke and won’t mind taking some time off and having a drink. Madd Hatter is a top-notch bar in Hoboken, we aim to provide you with the best service and that is what makes us special.

Karaoke nights are so much fun at Madd Hatter. We are sure that Karaoke night is making you excited and that you want to be part of it. So, it is pretty easy to book a reservation. All you need to do is click the button on top that says Book Now and it will ask you for some details, then you can select the time and date and make a reservation. You will get a confirmation via email. You can also email or call us if you have a query or special request. We recommend that you book for your friends and family and bring them with you.

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