Best Bar in Hoboken to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is approaching and you all be busy preparing for this year’s Halloween. Halloween is a fantastic time of the year that brings happiness and joy. We all enjoy Halloween costumes, and decorating homes, but a Halloween without a party and pub crawl is incomplete. And we are sure that you are looking for a place and event this Halloween where you can have fun and show off your Halloween spirit.

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There are Halloween parties everywhere and are fun but let us introduce you to Hoboken. Hoboken is a city near New Jersey. Hoboken has amazing nightlife and the best bars. Hoboken hosts entertaining parties all year.
It has amazing venues for parties and enjoying night outs. Hoboken is an amazing place to celebrate Halloween. You can meet a lot of like-minded people here. Halloween in Hoboken is the most highlighted event and it’s going to be great and loads of entertainment.

Halloween Weekend in Hoboken

Hoboken Halloween bars are top-notch and the best bars to spend Halloween weekend. One of the best bars in Hoboken is Madd Hatter. We are famous for hosting parties and are one of the places where you can have a good time with your friends and family.

This October Madd Hatter is one of the participating bars to host multiple Halloween-themed parties where you can enjoy exclusive drink specials, Halloween-themed drinks, delicious food, and spooky music that will set the vibe.

Madd Hatter Hoboken Halloween Events

Madd Hatter is hosting four different events in October. These will be Halloween parties that you can join. It is your chance to not only enjoy Halloween but also visit Hoboken already. You will be impressed with Hoboken’s nightlife and lively parties.

Madd Hatter is located in the center of Hoboken at Washington Street. You get an amazing view of New York city across the river which is one of the things you’ll love.

These events are Happy Hour, Heaven or Hell, Gate Night, and Halloween Night Party. These parties are gonna be lit. You will get a chance to meet other people celebrating Halloween, there will be a DJ to set the party mood, and enjoy exclusive drink specials & Halloween-themed drinks.

We are well prepared to host these events, all we need is your presence. Grab your tickets and book spots for your friends and family too. Here you will find details of these events.

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Happy Hour Hallo Weekend Party

Saturday, October 22nd

Madd Hatter is hosting a Happy Hour Hallo Weekend party on 22 October 2022. It’s like a pre-Halloween party to set the mood or starting location. Start enjoying yourself early and join us for this big event in Hoboken.

Happy Hour is the first event of October at Madd Hatter and we are aiming to make it one of the greatest parties in Hoboken. Happy Hour Halloween party is going to be one of the greatest events this October. You will be celebrating this party at the best bar in Hoboken.

You will have access to special drinks, there will be a DJ so the music is not going to stop and there will be people dressed up in spooky Halloween costumes. So, pick up a unique and attention-grabbing costume to have more fun. There will be people dressed up in unique and spooky Halloween costumes enjoying the Happy Hour and you too but drink responsibly and take some best photos.

You can bring your friends and family to the Happy Hour Halloween party. Madd Hatter is an ideal place to party and witness Hoboken’s nightlife where you can get a chance to meet like-minded people. Happy Hour will be a non-stop dose of joy with spooky Halloween vibes.

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Heaven or Hell Halloween Party

Saturday, October 29th

Heaven or Hell Halloween party sounds spooky right? Let’s do a Halloween bar crawl in Hoboken this October. This event is going to take place on 29 October 2022. It is one crazy party to attend.

There are plenty of events happening in Hoboken this Halloween but Madd Hatter is famous for hosting great parties and Heaven or Hell party is going to be the most remembered night.

Heaven or Hell it is your choice what you dress like. We hope you are well prepared and excited to show off your Halloween costume. This is your chance to dress spookily and express the Halloween spirit.

If you love parties and Halloween then this is the event you don’t wanna miss. There will be special drinks, a DJ, and a Halloween party environment at the best bar in Hoboken. Madd Hatter is going to be your stop for fun. This is your chance to experience Hoboken and do something different this Halloween. This party is hosted on the weekend so it is the best time to start celebrating.

We are prepared to host this event and ready to cater large audience. Enjoy Heaven or Hell Halloween party on the weekend and fall in love with Hoboken city and its views. Bring your friends and family and surprise them. We bet you all are going to have a fun time here.

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Gate Night Halloween Party

Sunday, October 30th

Just after Heaven or Hell party, we are going to have a Gate Night Halloween party on Sunday 30 October 2022. Have fun all day and night which will take you to the Halloween party with loads of fun.

Gate night is all about having fun all day and night. Gate night Halloween party will be a night to remember with loads of entertainment and Halloween spirit. The spooky-themed party with specialty drinks like white claws, tequila shots, mojitos, bud light drafts and you call it. There will be a DJ so you can enjoy music all day and night till the party goes on.

Dress up in a spooky Halloween costume to Gate Night and be part of the greatest event in Hoboken. The Gate Night party is taking place on Halloween weekend. See you all there.

Gate night is an event to enjoy with your close ones so bring your friends and family to Gate Night. It is the night before Halloween and it is going to be a crazy party. The time to start celebrating and transition into Halloween night while enjoying every moment of it.

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Halloween Night Party

Monday, October 31st

Halloween Night Party is finally going to be on 31 October 2022 as you all know and have been waiting for. We at Madd Hatter are ready to host the biggest party in Hoboken that you don’t want to miss out on. If you want to have a great time that you won’t be able to forget then join us.

The Halloween night party is a special event hosted at Madd Hatter. If you were looking for a perfect place and party to celebrate Halloween night then this is the place. You will have access to special drinks that include white claws, tequila shots, mojitos, bud light drafts and you call it. Not only drinks but there will be DJ Shant who will keep you vibing throughout the party. You can eat participating venues food too.

We know you are excited to wear your Halloween costumes so here is the chance to dress up in the spookiest costumes. There will be a costume contest with a prize of $500 for the winner.

If you haven’t visited Hoboken we recommend doing it this time because Halloween is something special and celebrated fondly in Hoboken. You will have a great time here. Bring your friends and family to celebrate together.

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How to Book Tickets

Madd Hatter is one of the participating venues in the official Halloween bar crawl. We have already provided you with the details of the events going to take place at Madd Hatter. You don’t need to go to registration venues.

All you need to do now is book the tickets for the events that you want to attend. You will see a book now button with a link to that specific event under its description. Just scroll up and go to the link of the event that you want to book, it will take you to evenbribe and there you can read the details and price, once you are ready click tickets and checkout. That’s it you you won’t have to do bar hopping.


We recommend booking as soon as possible because prices may go up and tickets sell out quickly. You can book tickets for your friends and family too. And don’t forget to arrive early.

Halloween Bar Crawl Hoboken

Halloween is a special time with different kinds of vibes. We hope that you are excited and ready to celebrate. If you haven’t already then hurry up grab a costume and book your tickets for the events.

We just love the spookiness and crazy surprises that Halloween has to offer. And Halloween without a fun party and best moments are not worth it.


So, these are the events happening at the best venue in Hoboken. Madd Hatter is one of the participating bars to host a large number of guests, all we need is your presence. Share these events on your social media platforms too.

Take a detour this Halloween and do something different. Hoboken is a city worth visiting with amazing nightlife and great people. We invite you to Madd Hatter this Halloween to enjoy and be part of our parties.

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