Dj Encore’s Dedicated Birthday Bash

DJ Encore’s Dedicated Birthday Bash

An outstanding DJ and hard-working entrepreneur, Encore is the most well-rounded partygoer of all. Consider him to be the jack of all trades. He uses his sports knowledge and high energy to climb to the top of the ladder. The grind doesn’t stop, and every day Dedicated keeps on grinding.


Being a DJ means that Encore lives for the party. His job is to keep the fun coming, and he becomes more and more relevant with every off the wall party. Associating with DJ Encore always means a night time full of entertainment and good music. This is a DJ who’s dedicated to being the life of the party every single time.


Where Can I Find Encore Nowadays?

Being a busy entrepreneur, DJ Encore is usually booked. Encore is loyal to his fans, so he likes to keep them in one place. He lives life in the fast lane, spending his time at top bars and restaurants to keep his name relevant. He jams out at the Madd Hatter restaurant very often. The 1st of February is his big birthday bash at Madd Hatter, so look there first! 

Networking is in style, and Encore is killing it. Find him associating with top names and brands; he’s always in the mix in Hoboken and beyond.

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