Everyones Irish on St. Patricks Day

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

People love an excuse to take time off of work and go out on the town. St. Paddy’s is a huge holiday in Ireland, but the rest of the world joins in on the celebration. Americans enjoy the celebration as much as anyone else by parading, feasting, and drinking.

Most Americans love an early celebration. Go into any bar, and ask what the fuss is about. Your reply might be, “St. Patrick’s Day is soon, so we’re getting our drinks in early.” Look up any venue, and you will find that most are throwing a parade or celebrating festivities early.The early celebration isn’t the end of it either. St. Patrick’s Day lands on March 17th this year, and everyone will be wearing green. Expect to see decorations still up and big, green top hats. Once everyone leaves work, the celebration will continue at everyone’s favorite bar or restaurant.

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