Friday, January 31 – Christian Lou Shoe Giveaway

         Owning expensive shoes gives feelings of status, comfort, and pride. Christian Louboutin creates high-quality and notorious footwear. His designs consist of stilettos, high-top sneakers, and other sought-after shoe types. They are outstandingly bold and well-known. 

         Due to their high price and quality, Louboutin’s shoes are coveted. They are the types of shoes that people yearn for, and people who wear them gain some respect. Having a fresh pair of Louboutins on your feet displays class and luxury. People know them when they see them; consider them an iconic piece of footwear.

Why Are Louboutins So Expensive?

       Christian Louboutin prides himself in his designs, but Louboutins can reach first-rate prices quickly. Most of his shoes start at around $600, and there are more expensive designs that reach well over $4000. 

       Chalk it up to production value, especially the cost of materials. Designer quality shoes usually require costlier materials to produce. Bootleg shoes are typically made of plastic, but real Louboutins use leather for a glossy, sleek look. Plastic gets dull and fades. Real Louboutins keep their shiny new look for what seems like forever.

Why Should I Own a Pair of Louboutins?

          On top of being luxurious footwear, Louboutins are built to last. Buying higher-quality things once save more money than buying lower-quality things multiple times. Truly, having an expensive pair of shoes is an investment, and its wearers are on the winning side. 

        Christian Louboutin designs his shoes with two things in mind: quality and social status The materials are pricier, and the brand name is what it’s all about. Mainstream footwear puts its wearers on the social map. After buying a pair, you don’t have to worry about them falling apart.

       Madd Hatter’s goal is to give away something of quality. Have you had your eyes on a pair of Louboutins, but you haven’t press that Check Out button yet? This is your chance to get top-notch footwear for free.

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