Hoboken Halloween Events

October is the best time of the year with lots of Spookiness and fun. I bet you are all planning for this year’s Halloween probably picking up costumes, decorating your houses, and looking forward to an unforgettable Halloween party. There’s so much to do right? And planning your Halloween event is a hectic task. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a list of Halloween events happening in Madd Hatter Hoboken. So, you don’t have to focus on where to party just prepare and show up if you want to have fun.

Where to celebrate this Year’s Halloween?

That’s a tricky question as there are a lot of places where you can celebrate Halloween. Hoboken is one of them but it is very underrated. Hoboken has amazing nightlife and is best for celebrating parties. There are a lot of top-rated bars to visit and the view of New York city across the river is just fabulous. It gets more fun and eye-catching at night. There are more bars per capita in Hoboken than in New York. You can meet new people who are there to enjoy just like you. Hoboken Halloween events are one of a kind and people from different parts come here to celebrate. This Halloween is an amazing chance to visit Hoboken and experience its top-rated bars and parties.

Best bar in Hoboken

Hoboken city has the best bars you can visit. But Madd Hatter is famous for hosting great parties. We at Madd Hatter have special drinks, a DJ, a costume contest, and a party mood to cater to your needs. At Madd Hatter, you will get great service and a time you will not forget. Madd Hatter hosts a lot of fun events all year but Halloween is something special. Madd Hatter is hosting four Halloween events this October that are awaiting your presence.

Madd Hatter is located at Washington Street in Hoboken city which is the heart of Hoboken or the best venue in Hoboken you can say. You will get to witness a great view of New York city across the river from the river terrace, witness the nightlife of Hoboken, and have loads of fun. Get ready for the costume contest, pick up spooky costumes, book your tickets and express your Halloween spirit with us.

Hoboken Halloween Events at Madd Hatter

Madd Hatter is ready for this Year’s Halloween. We are hosting four different events throughout October. The tickets sell fast so you need to book as soon as possible. It’s fairly simple to book your spot and you can do it online. There are going to be different events where you can have special drinks, bring your friends & family, wear awesome costumes, and enjoy the Halloween weekend.

The Halloween events taking place in Madd Hatter this October are Happy Hour, Heaven or Hell, Gate Night, and Halloween night party. Let’s crawl to Madd Hatter city to enjoy these Halloween parties. You will find the details below for each event and information on how to book your spot in this bar.


Saturday, October 22nd

Madd Hatter is hosting a Happy Hour Halloween weekend party just a week before Halloween. It’s a great chance to start celebrating Halloween early and get spooky. Start celebrating Halloween early and get ready for the great Halloween night.

The Happy Hour Halloween event is going to be spooky and fun where you can bring your friends and family. It is going to be a pre-Halloween party with special drinks and a DJ all night long. Happy Hour is gonna be one of the greatest events in Hoboken this Halloween. We will make sure every hour you spend at the Happy Hour Halloween party is worth it.

You will get access to the top-rated bar in Hoboken. You will get to see the nightlife in Hoboken and witness the Halloween spirit. We aim to provide you with the best experience with our special drinks, a wonderful venue, and a great party. All you need to do is grab your tickets for this event and book spots for your friends and family. As tickets sell fast so we recommend booking in advance. So you don’t miss out on the Happy Hour Hallo Weekend.

How to get tickets?

You can book your tickets online for Happy Hour by following this link, clicking ticket, and then proceeding with the checkout. It is good to book early and reserve your polka dot spot. See you at Madd Hatter Hoboken city!


Saturday, October 29th

Next on the list is Heaven or Hell event. The weekend before Halloween. It will be an amazing party leading you to the Gate Night party the next day and finally to the most awaited Halloween night. Heaven or Hell is a terrific name, right? The event is going to be lit too.

We at Madd Hatter will make sure that everything is perfect for the Halloween weekend. Heaven or Hell is going to be entertaining and spooky as the name suggests. All we need is your presence and leave the rest to us. We are prepared to handle a large number of guests for these events and everything is going to be great.

This will be your chance to enjoy our special drinks and vibe with the DJ all night. We are looking forward to the costume contest and seeing you all in your spooky costumes. All you have to do is just grab your ticket and dress up in a spooky Halloween costume and be part of the Heaven or Hell Halloween party in Hoboken hosted by Madd Hatter.

How to get tickets?

Want to book your tickets for Heaven or Hell Halloween party? It’s easy just click this link, check the details, select your ticket, and then checkout. We recommend reserving your spots early because the prices may go up and we sell fast.


Sunday, October 30th

Gate Night Halloween event we call it gate night because it will be taking you to the final Halloween party and there should be no break in between. So, we present the Gate Night party. The gate of fun and spookiness. We dare you to enter the Gate night and once you do there is fun waiting for you.

It is going to be one of the craziest events in Hoboken. Have entertainment all day and night starting on 30 October and will go on till 31 October. You will have access to top-rated drinks from Madd Hatter. Some of the special drinks will be white claws, tequila shots, mojitos, bud light drafts and you call it. It’s going to be a Halloween marathon and it’s going to get spooky. You will get a chance to show off your Halloween costume so pick up a good one. Let’s enter the Gate of entertainment!

How to get tickets?

You can book your seats online for the Gate Night party by following this link, clicking the ticket, and then proceeding with the checkout. Hurry up now and reserve your spot. Book spots for your friends and family too if you want to bring them.


Monday, October 31st

Finally, the most awaited event Halloween Night party is here. Party starts at 5 pm. It will go on all night long. We will be celebrating Halloween at its fullest and then call it a night that we are sure you won’t be able to forget.

On the Halloween night party, you will have access to our special drinks which includes white claws, tequila shots, mojitos, bud light drafts and you call it. DJ Shant will be with us to set the vibe of Halloween so you can enjoy it. There is going to be a costume contest where one of the participants can win prize money of 500$ so pick a spooky and unique one for this costume contest.

Will you join us for this event or miss out? We totally recommend you join us and have a chance to visit Hoboken if you haven’t already. Halloween in Hoboken is going to be one of a kind. And we are sure you will not regret this.

How to get tickets?

Book your tickets right now with this link. These events book out fast so we recommend buying early and reserving spots for your friends and family too. The process is simple and easy. You have to select your tickets and then checkout. That’s it.

Madd Hatter is ready for Halloween, Are you?

In the heart of Hoboken at Madd Hatter, you can enjoy this year’s Halloween. We are ready and fully prepared to host the greatest events. We have everything that is needed for an unforgettable party. You can bring your friends and family and the registration process is simple. We invite you to celebrate this Halloween at Hoboken Madd Hatter and experience the spookiness and fun with us.

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