Madd Hatter Is Hoboken’s #1 Party Destination

Madd Hatter Is The #1 Party Destination in Hoboken

Hoboken’s # 1 party destination is, without a doubt, Madd Hatter. Located at 221 Washington Street, Madd Hatter is Hoboken’s top rated bar by far. From hosting NFL players, barstool employees, famous celebrities and even major sports gambling platforms, this bar brings the fun and entertainment for all. Madd Hatter is the #1 party destination in Hoboken and offers a wide variety of special events, drinks and dining. You want it, they got it.

Amazing brunches, top notch bottle service and all the games you could imagine. They got that too. 40 flat screens flood the bar, making it impossible to miss that major sporting event from every NFL game, MMA and Boxing fight, to the World Series. Easy access to the bar, tables, dance floor or restrooms make it that much more enjoyable for all. They do an amazing job transforming your traditional sport bar into the night club we all love. Only the best of the best DJ’s, bartenders and chefs create an environment unlike any in Hoboken.

Madd Hatter Is The Spot!

5 stars of sensational food, happy hour and all sorts of specials provide all Madd Hatter bar go’ers with an exceptional time. Sunday Funday, Wonderland Brunch, and all the Holiday Events including St. Paddy’s Day, Thanksgiving Eve and even New Year’s Eve are just some of the can’t miss festivities. Madd Hatter provides the best entertainment for any type of holiday or event. They are extremely versatile at what they do and they have mastered the art of hosting events.

They also host private events like birthdays, celebrations or even business meetings that make this bar the complete and perfect bar and night club in Hoboken. Be sure to make reservations or book an event to reserve your spot in Hoboken’s number 1 party destination. If you like to have a great time, Madd Hatter is the sport. Madd Hatter does it all. You won’t be disappointed. For more information click here .


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