New Year’s Day Brunch

There are a few things that today’s party-goer really loves and that is good booze, banging beats, and brunch! There’s no brunch that is as highly anticipated like a New Year’s Day Brunch! At the Madd Hatter we will have all of the above, so shake off that New Year’s Eve hangover and make your way over to Hoboken for a great time. The event will be from 10 am-5 pm and for tables please call 201-850-1281.


New Year’s Day is usually a time when a lot of people like to take it easy, especially when they were out late partying for Thanksgiving Eve which is one of the busiest party days of the year. The Madd Hatter will be throwing our own Thanksgiving Eve event which will be the biggest event of the year. You can check it out here. 


Some of the highlights of the specials are: 

  • $10 Tickets With Complimentary Buffet
  • $2 Mimosas
  • $3 Champagne Flutes
  • $4 Bloody Mary & White Claws 
  • $5 007’s 
  • $6 Vodka Red Bulls


Whether you decide to party or not on Thanksgiving Eve or Thanksgiving Day is a very underrated day to go out and have a good time. Washington st. always has a fun crowd, that is ready to party any time of day. Although the thing is, it won’t be too loud or too crazy during the day, so if that’s more your speed then this might be the event for you. 


As you may know, already Hoboken is known for its crowd of sophisticated party-goers and nothing says sophistication like a good brunch. As you enjoy your brunch, you’ll get the chance to catch up with old friends and make some new friends. Yes, everybody loves a brunch filled with booze, but nobody does brunch like the Madd Hatter. 


Our staff will be ready to serve your every need, so don’t stay home and waste the day come to the Madd Hatter and make it a truly unforgettable time.

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