Super Bowl

During Super Bowl weekend, party goers will be out and about for the big game. Hoboken, as always will be loaded with people of all ages having a great time for the Super Bowl. Jerseys from both of the teams will be sure to be seen up and down Washington St. It’s always a fun time when the loud and proud football fans come out to party. 


This year we suggest skipping the same boring house party that you’ve gone to for years. So many people like to stay home and stock up on all their favorite Super Bowl food and drinks. Items like chicken wings, deli dips, and spreads, salty snacks, potato chips, and soft drinks rake in millions of dollars in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl but don’t let that be you. Some people make food to celebrate the Super Bowl and others like to party it up. This year at The Madd Hatter we’ll be the types who will be partying all night long. Super Bowl Sunday is going to be great where we start early in the day and continue well past the game end. Typically the Super Bowl begins around 6:30 pm, so you’ll be able to show up before, during, or even after the game to enjoy yourself. 


This year’s Super Bowl it’ll be a great one since there are so many good teams and the competition has been at an all-time high this year. So on top of a great party to go to it seems like the game will be great too. Come for the game, or come for the party whatever’s the reason we know you’ll have a great time. 

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