Thanksgiving Night

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Sure, plenty of people are heading out of town to visit loved ones, but when you’re in the city of Hoboken there’s no shortage of events—even on the week of Thanksgiving.

 Thanksgiving Day is one of the best days of the year for family, for football, and for fun! This year The Madd Hatter will be hosting a party Thanksgiving Night. Hoboken will be buzzing with people who are up from their turkey nap and ready to have a good time. 

The great thing about the holidays is everyone is usually around from out of town, so bring all those fine folks down to the Madd Hatter, so they can experience the fun first hand. The party will be going all night long with our lovely staff ensuring the most fun as possible. Customers often remark about just how friendly, nice, and great our staff actually is. 

Hoboken has the reputation of a city that really knows how to party. Year after year, people flock to Washington St. for some Thanksgiving festivities for good reason. The street is always lively and you’ll be able to meet a bunch of other party-goers who are looking for a good time. Most people say the vibe of Hoboken around this time is unforgettable, there’s just something about it. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to be on the front lines of the party scene for Thanksgiving, you should consider checking out our party this year! The Hoboken crowd always comes out in big numbers for the holidays and Thanksgiving is no different from the rest. You can find out more details on our home page here.

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