Traffic Light Party!

Traffic Light Party

     Have you ever been to a traffic light party? The concept is easy to understand. Party goers wear green, yellow, or red to advertise their relationship status. Everyone is welcome, and party patrons get to meet like minded people. A good traffic light party makes mingling easy. Red, green, and yellow shirts fill the room, making it easy to spot like minded party goers.


What Are the Rules in a Traffic Light Party?

     Walking up to a cutie is nerve wracking enough. You have enough to worry about, and what if they already have a partner? That’s where the green shirts shine. Green shirts mean go ahead. Singles in the room get to meet without fear of instant rejection.  Sometimes, our relationships get complicated. We don’t always know where we stand with another person. There’s no sense in stopping your life for someone who’s unsure! The yellow shirt is right for you if your relationship status is unknown. Connect with other yellows, and complain about that person who just can’t decide. Red shirts are taken. They are not looking to meet singles, and they probably did not come alone. Reds might want to meet new friends, but they are not looking for a relationship. Save yourself some time, and find a nice green or yellow shirt to mingle with instead.


How Do I Fit Into a Traffic Light Party?

     Choose your relationship status. It’s pretty straightforward! Green means single. Yellow means that it’s complicated, and red means taken. Once you choose, talk with shirts that match. Two greens might have more luck than a green and a red. On the other hand, talking is just talking. A red might want a new friend, but not a new relationship. It’s all about feeling the vibes in the room. A disinterested red definitely wants to be left alone. Some yellows might be more open to relations than others. Feel it out. Most importantly, let loose and have fun.

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