UFC 245

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UFC 245

The time is near for one of the most explosive fight nights in recent memory. UFC fights are always fun to watch no matter what, however, we are looking to make it even better The Madd Hatter will be hosting a viewing party for the big fights. There will be no better way to view the fights than partying with us on the night of Saturday, Dec 14, 2019. We’ll have drink specials and plenty of deals going on that night, so if the title wasn’t enough reason to come out maybe that will be for some! 

We’re expecting a big turn out this fight night. We’ve had great nights when there has been a UFC fight, so we’re looking to continue that trend. There is just something about having a fight on in the bar that makes the place buzz. The vibe is tough to beat, especially when the fights are going on. Hearing the crowd go wild is just some of the fun. There will also be a ton of TV’s around so you’ll never be struggling to see. 

UFC fight nights are a lot of fun, and we’re here to make it just that much better. Every time we have an event for the UFC it is one of the biggest of the year. People love to root for the fights and with every punch and kick there is a big amount of cheers and grunts. It makes for a really exciting time. Also, UFC fans tend to be awesome people so the crowd is always lively and fun. 

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