Valentines Day Event

Fright Night Vibes

    What is Fright Night? Know what to expect before walking into Madd Hatter. A Friday night spent partying on Valentine’s Day is a head-turning idea. Fright Night Vibes take an ordinary Friday and add a whole new spin. Comfort food on a Friday night is the name of the game. For Madd Hatter, it’s all about those good vibes. Don’t worry about what’s going on outside. Leave that baggage at the door, and let your worries disappear for the weekend.


Do I Need to Have a Valentine to Enjoy Fright Night?

  No, you do not need to have a Valentine to enjoy Fright Night. The purpose is to bring everyone together and combat that holiday loneliness. You are not the only one that suffers from it, and there’s no sense in suffering alone. 

  Singles and couples alike enjoy a good Fright Night. The purpose is to put everyone in a good mood; everyone is invited. The more chilled Madd Hatter’s guests are, the better the vibes. Spending Valentine’s Day alone is never a good feeling. Fright Night is the opportunity to dive into a calming, judge free atmosphere.


How Do I Fit in on Friday Night?

   Fitting into the Friday Night scene is easy. Just bring yourself! Be easygoing, and forget about your troubles. Bring your friends, or make new ones at the scene. Madd Hatter wants Fright Night to be a welcoming event for all to enjoy. Spend Valentine’s Day with a few drinks and some comfort food. Meet new friends, and have fun with the ones you brought. Have you had a stressful work week, or are you feeling extra lonely? Come to Madd Hatter to give your night a much needed boost.

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