Wonderland Brunch

Wonderland Brunch 

Waking up late is a Sunday habit enjoyed by most. Don’t worry about it; your day hasn’t gone to waste. Be comfortable sleeping in knowing that Madd Hatter offers a top-tier Alice in Wonderland themed Sunday brunch. We open at 11am sharp, and our goal every Sunday is to keep the vibes chill.


Get up late and head to our restaurant to enjoy an exquisitely unique brunch. While you enjoy one of our best menu items, go over next week’s plans, or have a nice rest from the stress of a busy work week. The bigger the group, the better; and groups of six or more get a complimentary champagne toast on us.


Here at Madd Hatter, our menu combines the best breakfast and lunch dishes. Brunch is the perfect time to throw together surprisingly delicious meals. Choose between a side of eggs or delectable mac and cheese. Enjoy an early morning Mimosa, or sip on some coffee while you relax.  


Book your table early to secure your spot. Keep your Sunday airy and stress free, and the rest of your week will follow. If you decide to spend your Sunday with Madd Hatter, we offer all-day drink specials to start your week off right. 


Prop your feet up, and get comfortable. We play the best music and have the best food in Hoboken. Spending the day with us is a relaxing start to the rest of your week, so keep us in mind the next time you wake up late.

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