Wonderland Brunch With DJ Encore

Wonderland Brunch 


     Everyone’s work week gets overwhelming. It’s easy to be burnt out when you work too hard. Take the time to relax with Madd Hatter at our Wonderland Brunch. Every Sunday, we give you the opportunity to wake up late and eat a delicious brunch with us. If you can’t make it this Sunday, just come next Sunday. We will be here!


      Our doors open at 11am on Sunday. Book your table in advance to make your sit-in Sunday as stress free as possible. Once you’re in, you are welcome to stay and enjoy the Wonderland theme for as long as you like. Foodies and music lovers alike love a Sunday brunch at Madd Hatter. We provide the best breakfast and lunch combos, and we book the best DJ’s to set the mood. 


     Our menu is a delightful combination of breakfast and lunch. Whatever you have a taste for, we happily provide. Our brunch specials last all day, so don’t miss out on what could be your best meal of the week. As you enjoy your meal, appreciate the tunes by our DJ of the week. We host different vibes every week with a different DJ. Enjoy a different atmosphere every Sunday with Madd Hatter, and we will help you start your week off right.

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